Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looking Great in 2008 Week #4

I lost .2 this week. As you can see, I am not thrilled. Yes, a loss is a loss, and considering my weekend of eating unhealthy and gaining 2 pounds, technically I lost 2.2.

What was great about this week is that I did eat poorly, but I moved on, got back on track, and lost those 2 pounds in 2 days.

What is not so great is that I did slip up. Last week I posted that I wanted to focus more on how I eat on the weekends. I did not do that. Once again, I make the same goal: Eat no differently on the weekends than I do during the week.

I am getting discouraged though because I am not losing the weight as fast as I would like. I realize that I say this every week and that it really is up to me to change this. But most of the time, I am eating well and doing the things I should be doing. I have been remaining positive, however much as I feared with WW, I worry that this will stop working for me. While the loss is consistent (meaning that it is a LOSS every week), its just not the amount that I would like. I am almost to my 11th week, and I should be at 22 pounds! Thats almost 9 more pounds than where I am at now. That would be such a difference in my appearance.

I dont mean for this post to be so negative. But I am getting discouraged and am writing honestly about my feelings for the week.


Lisa said...

It is hard to look around that WW meeting and see other people who have lost weight faster or lost more lbs in the same time frame. Don't do that to yourself.

You are losing the weight for yourself. Whether the weight comes off in big huge chunks or drips and drabs, you have lost it YOUR OWN WAY.

Take that .2 lose and learn the positive message from your weekend. Hang in there!

Jan B said...

I agree with Lisa, everyone takes it off at their own speed. Try not to lose your patience with your body. If only I could tell my stupid fat where to burn from first. It thinks it must go from my ankles and neck and I want it gone from the gut. But my body is not listening.

Janet said...

Weekends are hard - I agree. For me, it's the lack of structure and routine that the week provides. There's also more socializing and other events that have a meal included, or required away from home.

You're doing good, though! Keep up the good work1

Teale said...

Instead of thinking of the things you haven't done (you haven't lost 2 pounds a week every week, you haven't stuck to the plan, etc), think of the things you HAVE done. You HAVE lost every week... I know that you will be able to list more... have you been exercising, have you been drinking lots of water? Add those to your list of positive, non-scale victories!!!

kickboxingmomma said...

.2 pounds is still success, even if it doesn't feel like it. It is easy to get discouraged, but hang in there! We are all behind you!

I see that you have already lost 13.4 pounds, good for you! Can't wait till I am that far along!

~Another Heather

Mama Bear June said...

The important thing is changing habits to live a HEALTHY life. Following the Abs Diet, I never feel deprived and can still enjoy my favorite things. It's been slow going, but steady.
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