Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I want to Lose Weight

This seems to be a popular post in the land of weight loss blogs, so I thought I would post something similar as well as it is a great post!

So, here is why I want to lose weight:

1. To be healthy for myself, and my future family
2. To be more confident and have more self esteem. Since gaining weight, I feel like people are always scrutinizing me and my weight.
3. To feel sexier. This will improve my relationship with my boyfriend. I hate how I look naked now.
4. To not walk around feeling like people are thinking, wow she is fat.
5. To not be embarrassed when my boyfriend introduces me to people he works with or other guys. I feel like people are thinking, why is he with her?
6. To not use my weight anymore for reasons WHY. Such as, why doesnt he want to do anything with me? Its probably because Im fat.
7. To finally be free of food. Not eating of course, but the power that it has over me and my life.
8. To have decrease my chance of developing cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, which all run in my family.
9. To be able to go into a store, see something I like, and not worry about whether or not they have XL or size 16.
10. To shop at stores that I couldnt before, like Victorias Secret, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Yes a lot of these reasons are completely vain, such as how I look to others and the clothes I can buy. But years of not being able to do these things and feel this way really takes its toll on you. It will just be plain nice to be able to go throughout my life and not always have my weight on my mind.


Scale Junkie said...

I think your reasons are great! Don't worry about the vanity of them, it is important to look and feel good, it really makes a difference in every thing you do. Of course health is the number one reason but the vanity reasons help improve your mental health and honestly I've found that this whole thing starts in our minds, keep the mind healthy and the rest will follow.

Chubby Chick said...

I like your list. Many of your reasons are things that I could put on my own list!

Teale said...

I think that it's ok to put vanity reasons up there simply because your number 1 reason was health-related.