Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weigh in

Well after my night out......I lost 1.8 pounds this week, making it a total of over 10 pounds lost!! I am glad I finally hit this milestone. I know its just a number, but it feels good to say that I lost 1o pounds. Especially when I ate out last night and really expected to see no loss, maybe even a gain.

I did have a nice night out though. Because I planned, I was able to enjoy my dinner, eat the things I wanted, and the only thing I actually ate that I shouldnt have was a bite of a piece of cake that the waitress brought out for my boyfriend. Otherwise I had 2 "Lava Flows" (pina coloda with strawberries): 2 starches, crab with butter: 1 protein and 1 fat, and broccoli (1 vegetable). So I stayed within plan and had a really nice time.

This just goes to show that planning is very important, and that it is possible to go out somewhere normally associated with splurging, and still enjoy yourself. While I enjoyed the food, I tried to enjoy the atmosphere, the company, and the general occaison and I found that food doesnt matter as much. The waitress kept coming by asking if I wanted more drinks, and I just kept saying "no". Normally I would have kept them coming.

While I definitely have weighed much less than this, this will still be the day I lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks!


Teale said...

Great job, you are doing fantastic! And when you see other people's numbers, just remember that we all have different amounts of weight to lose, so don't ever feel down on yourself for the rate you are losing.... the faster you lose the weight, the less likely you are to keep it off, so just keep truckin' lady!

Janet said...

Good job on your accomplishments!