Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Tomorrow I have quite a challenge.

On a positive note, it is Kevin's (my boyfriend of 8 yrs) birthday. It also happens to be our 8 year anniversary. It is quite an occaison and is much to be celebrated.

We are going to our favorite restaurant called the Canoe Club. It has the most amazing atmosphere, set just like Hawaii. Not cheesey Hawaiian, but with a waterfall, tropical trees and plants, fishtanks with beautiful tropical fish. It is like you are in another world. And usually when Kevin and I go, we sit there for hours eating delicious Hawaiian food and drinking tropical drinks until we are drunk.

It is going to be a challenge for me to go there tomorrow and not let myself go. While fish is certainly a good choice (and only what is on the menu), the alcohol is the problem. They have these drinks called Lava Flows, which are pina colodas with fresh strawberries blended in. They are delicious! normally I would sit and drink 3-4 of these.

I want to lose weight and be healthy. However its hard because this is normally a place that he and I go to together and we enjoy eating and drinking. And to take away some of the eating and drinking..I am concerned that this will make it less of a good time. I am sure that it wont as food does not dictate whether or not something is fun, however that is why we go there and splurge (it is quite pricey). Plus its his birthday and I dont want to say no to an appetizer or dessert, but I know he wont order those things because I would either eat some, or he would have to eat them himself.

So far I have planned for 2 drinks. I have planned for crab. I have planned for 1 vegetable and 2 fruits. I talked with the counselor and she said that if I have to go for another starch, then I should do it. Or have just a bite of a dessert but stop at that. So it is good to know that I am trying to plan for this occaison and doing my best to be prepared but also know that I can allow myself a little splurge if need be.

I also bought this supplement they offer called Carb Enders. It basically blocks some absorption of the carbs into the body. Not something recommended for every day, but for an occaison like this, so when I weigh in on Wed, hopefully I will not see a gain as a result.

I am sure I will have a fabulous time. I just hope that I can make it through this challenge and be proud that I did.

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Teale said...

I think you are doing the best you can, given the circumstances. Planning is the most important part, and you're doing that! I have a birthday this Saturday, so am having the same kind of situation as you are!