Saturday, September 22, 2007


So yes, I made a food mistake yesterday, a bad choice. All day I ate well, ate a good dinner. But I was really depressed. The bank told me that I was too "high risk" for an auto loan and this really upset me.

I went over to my friend Dave's house and he made popcorn, which is like the most delicious popcorn ever. While it is airpopped, it is covered with butter and salt. and I had some.

I didnt totally binge, and I didnt eat anything else. he also made a pizza and I didnt have any. I could have done a lot worse actually. in the past I would say, well I already messed up today and then keep on eating. but I stopped after the popcorn, had some water, and regained my control.

I know it could be a lot worse and I am being harder on myself than I should be. But my weight loss is slow and I dont want anything like this mistake to hinder it. I dont want to weigh in on monday and see that there was a gain and the culprit would be this mistake.

I also hate that I have a bad day, and automatically I reach to food. I hate that it is something that I consider a comfort, although it really does nothing that is comforting. if anything, yesterday I just felt disgusted with myself for a. eating the popcorn because I felt LOUSY and not HUNGRY. and b. that in reality all it did was make me feel bad rather than better.

At least I can learn from this experience and hopefully not repeat it again.

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Teale said...

You're absolutely right about learning from the experience. I'm actually GLAD it didn't make you feel better, because if it did, you'd be more likely to continue to make this mistake. When I am going to a group get-together when I think there may be "bad" foods, I pack a couple snacks in my purse... maybe a banana & a 100 cal pack... then that way, at least if I socially eat, it's good stuff!