Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly update

Past week has been so busy. Last weekend was really busy as well and I feel like I have had no time for myself. Unfortunately I actually gained .6 this week, but at least I am still 150.8 so I guess I will just have to chalk that slight gain up to any number of things like stress, water, etc. I got in all my exercise this week so thats one good thing, but Im not going to say that Im not disapointed. I had hoped to at least see 150 even, not a gain. Its like the contestants on the biggest loser said this week, you cant measure your success by the scale which is definitely true. just another week to pass by and hopefully next week is a step in the right direction. Hopefully I can keep things in check with easter and eat in moderation and that it wont screw up my weighin next week.

The good news is that my wedding dress is finally here, after 8 months of waiting! going tomorrow to see it, and I am so excited. At least I got my weight to where I wanted it for when the dress got here, and I cannot wait to see myself in it. my future mother in law is coming too and she hasnt seen it yet, so I cannot wait to see her reaction.

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Holly L. said...

Keep it up Girl! You are doing fantastic. And I can't wait to see that wedding dress. You are going to post a wedding picture, right???