Monday, April 5, 2010

Wedding content only

Not a post about weight or anything else, just some pics of my dress and hair piece.

The dress was amazing! It was definitely worth the 8 month wait. It will need some major alterations since it is too BIG. Guess my weight loss and inches helped since the top was really big and the corset back was tied as tight as it would go and it wouldnt get tight enough. My bra was even a little too big. But it was great and it felt so good to be in it. My future mother in law came and she said "you look so skinny" which made me feel great. I am a little unhappy with my back - will need some recommendations for back exercises because I think I look too broad, but the dress is still fantastic.

And my hair piece arrived (not doing a veil) and I really like it. Not a great pic since I did it myself while holding up my short hair, but it will do. my mom doesnt really care of it, but she doesnt have to wear it right?!


Cammy said...

You're absolutely lovely! said...

You look great, Heather and the dress is gorgeous!

Have you check out the blog stumptuous ( She use to have a great selection of exercise information that may be helpful.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Oh, Heather! That first picture with you smiling in your gorgeous dress! Awesome!

Your back looks fine. Nothing wrong with you or the picture. It's just that your smile is so beautiful and it's in the first photo. You're going to blow your groom away!

Tony The Pink Panda said...

You look fabulous Heather!