Monday, November 9, 2009

Still Busy

Just when I thought things slowed down, they got busy again at work and I lost all intentions of writing. But here I am again, hoping this is a slower week and that I can continue to post on a regular basis.

Im glad that things got busy at work again because it means there is work to do and I still have a job. I was put on a project and then taken off because I was so busy and you would think I would be happy that I would have less work to do, but it only caused me to worry even more about my job. To make matters worse, there was something screwed up in one of my databases which caused reports for my client to be incorrect, so now I wake up every day with this horrible feeling in my stomach that this error will cost me my job. It is a sorry state to be in because most people should go through their days feeling pretty ok with things, and I am constantly feeling ok and then suddenly feeling sick as I remember the situation I am in. Last week sucked, and I got like 2 days of exercise in. Better than nothing, but not what I wanted.

I did not have a very good weekend either in regards to food. Actually food was ok, it was the alcohol intake that was not. We went out to dinner with our closest friends who rarely get to come out due to their 5 year old, and I definitely drank away some of my stress. Not something I am proud of, especially after complaining to my friend and matron of honor about how the scale is not budging for me. Not that I do this all the time, but I have nothing to complain about when things like this happen. I guess I used to use food as a way to relieve stress and sometimes I still look for something else now that I dont turn to food anymore. Sometimes its nice to not have this chaos that is mealtime because at least I have one thing that is planned and structured and I know is healthy and good for me. So that is one positive in this post of negatives!


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I was worried that you hadn't posted. Is the stress better? I know that teh kind of job screw-up you talk about can prey on a person's mind. But I hope they understand humans make booboos and don't give you too much grief.

And do ease up on the drink. It's bad for us girls. :(

The P said...

Hey are you doing?
Hope all is well and you aren't working too hard.

The Merry said...

I can SO relate.... either you've got too much work, so you're worrying about your job, or else you're worrying about not having a job to worry about at all.
Makes me wonder if we shouldn't both look into employment opportunities at McDonald's.... okay, maybe not that, but some industry that isn't quite as crazy?