Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for an update

I feel like I have been away for a while! As you can see, the stress hasnt completely consumed me, but coming back from my 4 day weekend definitely resulted in a long work day and 170 emails to get through.
Focusing on the good, I had a wonderful time on my "romantic weekend" at Lake Geneva with my fiance. The weather wasnt as good as we had wanted since we did want to go on the waverunners like we did last year or at least lay by the pool in the sun, but it was rainy and quite cool. But we found other fun things to do like going to two wineries as well as a cheese shop where we got to try some of WI most delicious cheeses! I ate a lot of seafood and while I know I over indulged at times, I actually think I did really well. We were pretty active, getting a lot of walking and swimming in the indoor pool in. And mostly, it was just nice to relax. We went in the hottub every night and it felt great. I didnt get on the scale today, but its fine. I actually could still use a break from it. I weighed myself last Wednesday and was down to 157 again which was wonderful, so i think the less frequent weighins might be just what I need.
While in the hottub one night, there was a couple there and the woman was quite large. While getting out of the hottub, some younger girls in bikinis and a guy got in and started to make fun of this woman because of her size. They made comments like "how could that guy be with her?" and "how can you let yourself get that size?". It made me so angry. here was a woman who was spending time with her husband and enjoying herself and then had to endure comments like that. Especially from these girls who, very likely will gain weight when they go off to college (I heard them say they were 18). Its just sad that there are people like this out there - it really is a form of discrimination. They know nothing about this woman. For all we know, she could have already lost a bunch of weight or be working hard to get to her goal weight. Or maybe she is struggling - in any case, she doesnt deserve to be judged on her weight. It was just an eye opening experience and once that really bothered me and shows that you can be an ugly person at any size and wearing a bikini!

My sample wedding dress of dress #1 I posted last month is in and I go to try it on tomorrow and take my measurements! So excited!

Here are a few pics:


MB said...

I'm happy to hear you got away and were able to relax a little from all the stress at work.

I was relatively thin growing up so I always wonder what people I haven't seen in a long time say. I'm sure as soon as I walk away they say things like "I can't believe how much weight she gained" or "OMG - she got so fat." I try not to let it freak me out but my ears are always ringing and it makes me wonder.

Love the pictures. You look so happy and relaxed. ;)

Cammy said...

"so i think the less frequent weighins might be just what I need."

I can't resist a "hallelujah!" here! :) I'm so glad you're out and about and enjoying life and all it has to offer (at least that's what it looks like in the pictures), even if you do have to come back to stress-y work stuff. Congrats on getting through the rocky patch and not losing your focus!

People can be incredibly insensitive, and it seems the more ignorant among us feels the need to show it verbally. YOUR compassion shines, though, and that is a beautiful thing!

Annie said...

You look fantastic! I'm trying to lose weight too (or going to) after two pregnancies. Really nasty what those people said about the woman in the pool. I've been slim and fat before and I know how it feels when there's still the same person inside but the extra weight makes you depressed. But my husband has loved me in both shapes so it doesn't really mean anything if you're happy and healthy yourself.

Ioanna said...

loved this post!

great to hear you more relaxed/happier and i completely agree with the comments about the hot-tub situation.. very ugly ladies indeed..

keep it cool :)

Trisaratops said...

You look great! I'm so glad that you got to take a break and enjoy yourself. And the insensitivity of those people is appalling. Luckily there are people like you balancing out the ugliness with some good! Also - thank you for continuing to visit my blog even though I am the most irregular poster ever! I appreciate it. said...

great pictures - thanks for sharing!

Sounds like you're in a really good 'space' right now - in spite of the stresses of work and all.

I've experienced situations like the hot tube scene and I often wonder if the ugly minded people in my past ever had a wake-up moment. The less nice side of me hopes that they one day had to deal with weight issues.

Liska said...

beautiful photos,

Have you been to see Time Traveller's yet?

Liska x

Scale Junkie said...

You just so radiant! So beautiful and so happy.

I feel for the larger woman in the hot tub because I am her. I hear so many people make comments about "how can HE be with her" and then when they hear his accent they say "greencard marriage" or other rude comments. You're so right ugly doesn't have a size tag.

I just can't say enough how truly beautiful you look in those photos!

Lady Vea said...

I am so glad that you got a break, and I have the SAME exact problem as Scale Junkie, this, handsome, accented guy on the arm and everyone judges. Yeah maybe SOME people love us regardless our weight issues. Ever think of that?

Having also been quite slender most of my life until the last several years, I never knew what it was like to be caged by weight. But it really puts a person at a disadvantage no matter if you are still the same person on the inside.