Monday, August 3, 2009


I have had enough of camping, and enough of the scale. This week isnt as bad, but not by much. Im back up to 162.2 which is another 4 pound gain. I actually did much better this weekend in terms of eating, which makes this weighin just ridiculous. I did have some steak in a shish kabob on saturday, but I have had steak before and not gained 4 pounds. I was pretty active - we took a lot of walks and swam some, so I guess I just have to attribute this to swelling. Unfortunately I got some more bites on my legs and they are swollen even more than they were last week. I never used to have this much of a reaction to bites before, but I guess my body likes to throw me off sometimes. I know I should just shrug this weighin off, know that Ill be back down just like I was last week, but Im just tired of getting on the scale and hating what I see.

I cant even report anything for July except a gain. This entire month I have been between 159 and 162. Definitely much worse than June and May where I was between 156-158. I know that I have had a lot of trips and parties that Im sure have brought me up temporarily, but its not like Ive gone out every weekend and every week night and stuffed myself silly. Ive been very active this month. Despite my work schedule picking up again, I still have maintained about 4-5 days of exercise in my schedule.

This weight is playing with my mind as well. I keep looking at pictures and thinking I look fat - that I can see the extra 4 pounds. I want to be losing weight for my wedding and instead Im gaining it and feeling horrible.


Doug said...

Sorry you've been bouncing up again. Keep working your butt off, well not all of it :)

Hope things turn around again, I'm sure it's much harder to be so close to goal.

Cammy said...

I'm sure it will go down again.

You're lovely just as you are right now, and more than anything I wish I had the right words that would help you see and feel that.

MB said...

It's so hard to keep a healthy balance between socializing and eating right. I'll bet your weight will be back down after a couple of days back in your routine. Hang in there and try not to focus on the evil scale too much.