Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Going So Well

Things with me and the scale lately have not been going so well. I am down today to 159.2 but considering I usually am around 156-157, I hate to see that 159. True, I have eaten more in the last few days than I normally would, but its not as if I have been eating unhealthy or not getting any exercise in. To make things more frustrating, I took my measurements and not only have I not lost any inches, but I have actually gained inches in my arms. Now I realize that it is likely the muscle I am building up because I have noticed a nice difference in my arms since I started using the resistance band. However, this is just so frustrating! How can a person eat healthy, exercise, and never lose weight or inches? I dont get it.

I did have a fun weekend and had a great time at the Taste of Chicago. We got a lot of walking in since we took the train and then walked a mile to the park. Between walking around the park and another mile back to the train, I got a lot of walking in and it felt really good. Probably helped to burn off the extra food I ate although I did enjoy that this year they provided some of the food in "taste" portions which are smaller than a normal portion. The fireworks were great, and I enjoyed watching the sun go down in Grant Park with the city skyline around me. The 4th was also nice and despite some rain, we got to see some more fireworks. Overall I ate really well and filled up on fresh fruits and veggies. If only the scale would reward me for that!

Well this will be my last weighin for the week since Wednesday I am off to PA to visit my parents. I am looking forward to some time away from work, and my mom and I are going to visit some bridal stores on Thursday so that means I will get to try on dresses! SO excited about that. Hopefully it is a good experience - I have spent too many hours in dressing rooms in the past hating how I looked and not finding anything that fits. Wish me luck!


Cammy said...

I gained in my shoulders and never did lose much in my arms, but as you say, it's how they look that matters most. If you're seeing nice definition, just roll with that.

I hope you have a wonderful time on your visit home. I'll bet you and your mom will have a delightful time!

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! It sounds like your arms are getting really nice and toned! Focus on the positive! Those extra pounds will disappear before you know it!

Have fun in PA! I hope you find a fantastic dress! :) said...

I'm sorry neither the scale or the tape measure are cooperating. I know first hand the frustration of it all!

Enjoy your time in PA and your time trying on wedding dresses. It can be such a magical experience - I encourage you to just BE in the moment.

One word of advice.....don't give a thought to the sizes on the dresses. As I recall from the wedding dress shopping trip with my niece, the sizes were all over the place - I suppose it has to do with the 'vanity sizing' or something?


Merry said...

I can relate to the frustration. Sometimes the body has its own priorities. So long as you're healthy and feeling good, then I think things are going pretty well.