Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I had to decide today if I wanted to be brave and face the scale. I knew it probably wouldnt be good, but sometimes Im surprised. Unfortunately it was not good and I felt a lot of my bravery disappear, but I can deal with it.

I am up to 159.6, BUT before you worry that I have gone off the wagon, do not fear. As the large project I have been working on at work for the past 7 months has wrapped up, the presidents o fthe company threw a party for me and the other 3 people on my team (and some others that helped out) to say "thanks". It was a really nice time - the head senior consultant on the project gave us each a bottle of wine and a thank you card which was nice since most consultants dont ever really care about the work that you do. The not so nice part was that the party was held at a mexican restaurant and we were not able to order what we wanted. They selected some appetizers and small meals for us to all share and then we could have unlimited giant margaritas. And chips and salsa of course! So you can see that I consumed absolutely nothing of nutritional value and a whole load of salt. I woke up this morning so dehydrated and feeling like absolute crap, so it just goes to show that your body WILL pay you back when you put some things in it that its not used to.

Despite it all, it was a nice time and Im glad that I got to enjoy myself. The three others on my team and I all feel like war buddies so it was nice to kick back, bitch about the project, and have fun together. I hate what the scale says and I hate that this is how I have to bring in the new month, but it happened and its over, and perhaps things will be better by the end of the week.

I wish I could say that my eating will get better this week, but not only am I going to a party on Saturday for the 4th, but my fiance and I are going to the Taste of Chicago on Friday, which is basically just a big food orgy for anyone that doesnt know what it is. All the delicious Chicago restaurants and food vendors show up and put their best food on display and you walk around Grant Park eating and drinking. Its a fat person's heaven and I havent been in years. Im not too concerned because I definitely dont eat like I used to, but its hard to go to something that celebrates food and not enjoy yourself either. Mostly Im just going to hang out in my beautiful city on my day off, and then enjoy the fireworks at night. See, I guess it is possible to go to a food festival and not just go for the food.


MB said...

It helps to know there's a reason why you're up or down. You know the numbers will go down once the salt goes.

Enjoy the fireworks and the food but stay away from the orgy ;)

Lyn said...

Have fun at the food orgy! I love stuff like that. Enjoy :)

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

I agree with MB, knowing the reason behind it helps.

Hope you have fun at Taste of Chicago. I've heard awesome things about that. Sounds yummy. Happy fourth!!

Crystal said...

Hey, sometimes a girl has to have some fun! It's nice your company did something nice for you and that you got to enjoy yourself. And I'm sure you enjoyed the Taste of Chicago, I know I did the last time I was there.

It's a new week and I bet you'll be back to your healthy ways again :)