Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Midweek update

Weight is down today, -.2, which isnt much but its something. Im at 157 so hopefully on Friday that means I see 156 again!

Im really loving the Active. I know I wrote about it last time, but Im 4 days in and I think it is really cool. I hope that at the end of the 30 day challenge Im doing in it, I do see some real results. The use of the resistance band definitely helps challenge me more so I think that is a good addition to my workout gear.

In wedding news, I think we decided on a church, so now we just need to go there and put down a deposit for the date and iron out the details. It came down to two churches, one that was cheaper but had a $200 marriage counseling thing you had to do, and the other was more expensive but still within budget, and you dont have to pay money for the few visits with the paster. I would rather my money go into a nicer church than counseling, so that helped make our minds up about that. Im excited now to set the date - hopefully we can get into the church soon and get our date!


Cammy said...

So glad you're enjoying the workouts. And thanks for the reminder on the resistance bands. I keep forgetting those as an option!

Crystal said...

I bet it feels good to get one thing checked off the wedding list. The church is a good one to start with. Glad you're enjoying your workouts!