Monday, June 1, 2009

Measurements, Wedding update, EA Active Review

Before I get into my review of the Active, my weight is down .2 to 157.2 so thats something at least. Its not too often I start a week with my weight down, so Im happy that I can say that this week and hopefully be back down to 156 something by the week's end. Unfortunately my measurements were disapointing - i didnt lose anything in my left arm and waist, and very little in my hips, right arm, and legs. I am disapointed because I worked hard this past month and it sucks when there is little to show for it.

Talked to our parents this weekend and both offered to help pay for the wedding so that is good news. My parents havent committed to an amount, but my dad said he wanted me to have a nice wedding and understands what things cost and knows that some things may be less or more than we are expecting. Now we just need to find a place! There was a church that we were interested in and I called today to get the info. It is within budget, however you actually have to pay for the premarital counseling which Im not crazy about so I will see if my 2nd choice church doesnt have a fee like that so that I can save some money.

Now for the EA Active! I love it! I think it is everything that the Wii Fit is and then some. Not only do you log on and exercise, but you are also quizzed on your lifestyle behaviors such as how much water you drank, your veggie consumption, fast food consumption, sugar consumption, and other activities that you do outside of the game. You have the choice of many different types of exercises, but you can also do a 30 day challenge which is what I started to do so that I can be bathing suit ready in a month! I like the resistance band that comes with the game, however I am not crazy about the leg strap. I like how the game can monitor your movements with the leg strap and tells you if you are going too fast, squatting too low, etc. because your form is so important and that is something lacking in other fitness games Ive purchased for the Wii. But the leg strap does slide and even though I have tightened it as much as possible, it still does move. Other times it doesnt register me which I think is partly due to the fact that I am tall and most people's thighs are not as high up as mine so its thinking Im not squatting as low as I really am. Other than that, I dont have any other complaints about it. The sports are really neat - I love the tennis and baseball. I think the exercises are a good mix of cardio and strength (although I wish there was more cardio than just walking/running/circuits). You can also see how many calories you are burnining and there is a lot of positive reinforcement as you work out, journal, and win trophies. They set goals for you in terms of calories to burn in a week, hours to exercise in a month,etc. Overall, its a great "game" and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has a Wii!


metro15 said...

I'm behind the times, but congrats on the engagement! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun sorting out all the details. :)

The EA Active sounds fun, I'd love to get a Wii...

MB said...

I'm glad the parents have agreed to pitch in for the wedding.

If you don't have your heart set on getting married in a church, have you considered having the ceremony at the same place as the reception?

I'm thinking of getting the Wii so I love all the reviews and look forward to getting to work on my own.

Nyght said...

Have fun with the wedding planning! You will never again be allowed to obsess over a party as much as you are allowed to obsess over your reception, so ENJOY every second! :-)

Liska said...

Oh I am so glad - you seem to love your Wii Active as much as I love mine - I knew you would.

I agree - the thigh thing moves on me toooo.

But it is an improvement on "My Fitness Coach" which I have only used once after purchasing it full price (I hated it).

Still love Wii Fit though, as I love the mixture of aerobic, balancing games, and yoga.

Had friends round on Saturday and we played the Wii Fit games. They loved it so much.

Bye for now x

Liska said...

P.S. Fab news on the parents contributing x

Wei Sic Meow said...

My BF just got EA Active. I can't wait to try it.