Friday, June 12, 2009

Better than I expected

Thanks for the birthday wishes - my birthday was pretty great. Dinner was absolutely delicious. The steak was perfect, the broccoli cooked just right, and the wine was phenomenal. We were not going to get dessert but the waitress heard it was my birthday so she brought over a plate with a truffle and a chocolate covered strawberry which was perfect since I ate the strawberry and my fiance ate the truffle which was the perfect amount. They wrote in chocolate on the plate "Happy Birthday".

I am up .2 today but honestly, I expected worse. Sure its still quite high but considering I ate a steak, 2 glasses of wine, and a glass of champagne less than 24 hrs ago, its not so bad. I guess when you put things in proportion like that, it could be much much worse. I also did not drink enough water at all and woke up dehydrated and still feel very dehydrated today.

The meal was worth it even though I dont like what the scale says. It felt good to go out and celebrate my birthday and enjoy myself and all that the year has brought me. Thats much better than feeling guilty and its no problem to get right back on track. This should be it for a while of meals out, so I should see that scale back down next week.


Liska said...

Happy Birthday.

I made you a Wordle as a gift:

As you will see Birthday is the biggest word :-)

Hope you like it.

I had never heard of Wordle but "Perfect in Our Imperfections" blogged about it and I love it!

Liska x

Cammy said...

Happy belated! Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner!

Wei Sic Meow said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had a great one.

Scale Junkie said...

So glad you had a nice birthday dinner. Happy belated birthday!

Crystal said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a great birthday dinner-steak and broccoli are one of my favorites. You'll get that scale back on your side in no time :)

Achieving the Real Me said...

I am glad you have a great birthday.

Your attitude is also phenomenal. So your weight isn't exactly where you want it (I am sure if you took a poll, we would all say you look great just where you are), but you still enjoyed a big day and you aren't being hard on yourself. Congrats! That is a HUGE step on the weight loss journey!

Achieving the Real Me said...

Sorry, I meant, "had a great birthday!" Oops! ;P