Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About the Same

Weighed myself today and it was down .2 from Monday which is good, but I hate seeing 159 on the scale. I am still extremely bloated (if not more so) but I also think this is due to TOM and not just what I ate on Sunday. Here is a picture of me and infamous cake that I did not want:

Lunch yesterday was nice - I ordered my usual egg white omelet and fresh fruit and really enjoyed my lunch out with my two friends. I asked them to be bridesmaids and they said yes so Im really glad that now I have all my bridal party (my best friend, sister, and my two work friends). I ate healthy too so that was a plus, although I wish the scale reflected that.

So tomorrow is my 27th birthday! I really dont like turning another year close to 30, but its inevitable. And at least my Wii Fit says my fitness age is 21, so Ill just pretend that is my real age. I will have my fabulous dinner out and enjoy it, and even though Im sure the scale will not be good to me on Friday, at least this will be it for a while for meals out.


MB said...

Hey Birthday Girl! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy every minute of the celebration.

I love the new picture ;)

Lyn said...

Happy Birthday!! You are looking great :)

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

You look FABULOUS. I love the picture of you.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! 27 sounds like a great age!

Susie said... got engaged..must have been during my "break"..CONGRATS!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!