Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After a day like today, all I can say is, whatever. Im going to say Whatever to my client who doesnt think that the blue on her reports is blue enough. Im going to say Whatever to the backed up traffic in the rain that took me over 2 hours to get home in. Whatever to not finding a parking spot anywhere near my apt. Whatever to the fact that I asked for my landlord to replace my torn window screens 2 weeks ago and they havent done it and I cant open my windo for fear of bugs coming in. Im going to say Whatever to the giant chocolate chip muffins that sat in front of me during a meeting today but I passed up and ate fresh strawberries instead. And Im going to say Whatever to the scale that told me I was up .6 today for absolutely no reason.

I will say Great Job to myself though for wearing shirt today that fit perfect, if not slightly too big, that was tight last year.


Ceres said...

You're getting the point, methinks! :-) Yaaay for the shirt, that must feel great!

Tony said...

yay for the shirt x2 :).

MB said...

I think you deserve a "Great Job" for resisting the chocolate chip muffins.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning when I have to resist the free breakfast and those evil carrot muffins.

I'm starting to think work makes me fat. ;)

Cammy said...

It's all about priorities, and a great fitting shirt trumps most of life's irritations any day of the week.

MB said...

I did it! Just wanted to come back and thank you for inspiring me to stay away from the muffins. I was very tempted but stuck with the healthier options (watermelon and cantelope). Thanks!

I hope you had a better day today.

Trisaratops said...

I say great job on the shirt, too!