Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Month

Another month gone by and it doesnt look like Im ending this one with any loss to be able to report. While I am down a pound from Wednesday and down from last week, I am ending this month at 157.4 which is .6 up from last month. I know that at the beginning of months, I usually am down in the 156's but by the end of the month with TOM ending and such, I usually find myself up and it always ruins my stats. Hopefully I have some luck with my measurements although I consistently worked out 4 days a week instead of the usual 5 I was doing the first few months of the year due to my crazy work schedule.

I did get my EA Active today for the Wii and am SUPER excited to try it out tomorrow. I hope it is everything I expected it to be and will get me on my way to really achieving what I want with my body. I will have to let everyone know how it is.

Making some slight progress in the wedding dept - I think we found a church that will work. Neither one of us belongs to a church and he is Catholic and I am not which means we cannot get married in a Catholic church because I am definitely not converting or taking the classes, so I was stressing over the last few days about where in the world we could go to get married. Then I found a church that is nearby my fiance's house and after looking at the website, it really seems like the right place. I think we will call and go check it out next week and hopefully it will be what we want and they have October openings for next year. I hate that I am already stressing about this, but thats what I do. I am extremely nervous because I am talking to my parents this weekend about the BUDGET. First I will ask them if they will help me pay (which I am hoping is the case), and second that they will pay for a significant amount. My fiance is having a similar conversation with his parents. Sure, it is atypical for the man's family to pay, but he is an only child and did not attend a state 4 year university, so I figure they have some savings as a result and can put it towards this since it will be their only wedding. But I am nervous none the less that my parents will not pay or pay for much, and he and I really cannot pay for a whole lot. Wish me luck!


Teale said...

Congrats on the engagement, Heather! Actually in this day & age it's not at all uncommon for the groom's family to help with wedding expenses! Both my parents & Eddie's mom were generous enough to give us a chunk of money with which to work with. Of course the more people contributing to the fund, the more opinions get thrown into the mix... so get ready for that! LOL. You have to be willing to compromise when you rely on others for money, because since they are helping, their opinion does count for something. Good luck with the planning!!!

Cammy said...

In this economy, I think the old rules for who pays for what are out the window. Besides, with this much time to plan, you can have a lovely wedding for not a lot of money.

MB said...

Have you tried averaging your weight for the week so you don't get frustrated with the dailey fluctuations?

Good luck with all the financing and wedding planning. Try to enjoy the ride. ;)

Liska said...

I wish you luck, and I can't wait to hear your feedback on the Wii Active - I love mine.

Laura N said...

Congratulations on the engagement!! How exciting. You definitely should expect both parents to pay. It's a different age we live in. I'm sure they'll help.

Hope the plans go well. I am so happy for you. You will be an abosultely gorgeous bride. A word of advice. (you'll get a lot of them!) When you try on wedding gowns, stretch it out as long as you can. You get to feel like a princess & all the attention is on YOU & it's wonderful. Not something to be rushed through. You may end up choosing the first dress you try on, but no matter. Try on a ton of dresses in all kinds of styles. With your great body, you will enjoy it. (& do NOT worry about the size on the dress label. You are thin & gorgeous. You will look thin & gorgeous in your gown. Just find one that works on your body.)

You are maintaining your weight brilliantly. That's not a small thing!!