Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy days

It certainly has been a busy week and I am glad that it is over. Unfortunately my weight is up from monday - 157.6, but thats still pretty darn low so Ill take it for now.

I had a fun time at the Blackhawsk game (they won and are still holding their spot for the playoffs!), but it was a challenging evening in terms of food which is why I am guessing I am up. We got there and walked around seeing what they had to eat. It was pretty much pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc. Finally we found a place that had a grilled chicken sandwich, and seeing as it was about the best thing I could find, I got one of those. While it may have been the healthiest thing there, it was far from healthy. The chicken itself was fine, but the bun that it was on was toasted with what was probably oil or butter. I didnt eat much of the bun, but it was hard since there are no utensils and I was out in public eating with my hands. They also gave you a ton of chips - so no healthy veggies or fruits. But I did my best, and passed up on all the beer, pretzels, and popcorn that I would have eaten in the past. All in all I think I did well.

I also missed a day of exercise since I was at the game, so that also probably has something to do with the gain. But Im ok with it - I know its only temporary. This week had a lot of temptations - two days at work someone brought in donuts, and another day someone brought in Potbelly sandwiches. I was able to resist all, but it was hard because I have been so stressed out. Work has been crazy, and then something interesting happened at work today that also kind of stressed me out as I wasnt sure what to do with the situation. I was talking to a coworker this morning about wine, and then an instant message popped up on my computer. It was from another coworker who wrote "do you hear heather? she doesnt know what she is talking about at all". I read it and was at first confused because it was about me - but to me. Then I realized that she had meant to send it to someone else, but sent it to me instead. I was not sure what to do about it, so I just left it there on my computer and got up to get some coffee and think about how I wanted to respond. I was slightly miffed because I worked at a winery for over a year so I know quite a bit about wine, but I dont really care if someone wants to gossip about me. I was planning on going back and just typing "I think you meant to send this to someone else" so she would know that I saw it, but also not make it a big deal. So I started walking back to my desk, and I see her coming from my desk. I sit down and see that she deleted the message from my computer. I got pretty upset because I dont like the fact that she would go to my computer and delete something off it. Sure, it must be embarrassing to make a mistake like that, but at least own up to it and maybe make a joke out of it. Instead she has to be sneaky and try to get rid of it. I spoke to someone about it, and she said that I should report it. I didnt know if I wanted to do that, so I continued to work and put it aside. Granted this girl didnt know that I saw it, so it was interesting that all day she kept finding reasons to talk to me. She NEVER talks to me. She would come by just to ask me a question. Later on she asked if I got my haircut because it looked really good. Clearly she was trying to see if I was going to say anything. It was kind of rewarding to see her obviously sweating it, wondering if I was going to report her or if I had seen it. I left work and I got a call from the coworker who is next to me, and said this girl came over to her and asked why I was being "so cold". The fact that she would even ask someone proves she was fishing for info to find out if I saw it and if I was going to do anything about it. I also think its funny how she says I was being cold, because this is probably the most we have ever talked and I was pleasant to her. I think she was just hoping this coworker would share something with her and she would know for sure.

So some interesting drama for today that I didnt need. It amazes me how sneaky some people can be. We all make mistakes, but live up to them!


new*me said...

Sounds like something that would go on in high school, not in an adult workplace. I think you handled it very maturely by ignoring it.

Ceres said...

Very good job about resisting all those temptations at work, and of course for minimizing damage at the game!
That's so bad about your coworker... And on top of being mean, she's also stupid, it seems. I can't believe that, on top of it all, she had the nerve to come all the way to your computer and erase the message! Perhaps you should start locking your computer whenever you're away from it... I would probably have been fuming and gone straight to her desk to give her a piece of my mind, but I think you did better.

Crystal said...

I'd love to be surprised my the way people act underhanded at work but, from my work tales, I'm sure you know that I can totally believe people would act like this. It's ridiculous! I do agree that she should not be messing with your computer. Underhanded nonsense!

Cammy said...

I think I'd be more upset that she was messing around with my computer, and I probably would've said something along those lines. I'm confrontational that way. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Blossom said...

I would be pissed she came & deleted the message. But you have to laugh a bit, and imagine how she sweated all day long. That's a little bit of justice right there!

MB said...

Similar things have happened in my office and I think they are hysterical.

If that happened to me I would wait a few days so she thinks she got away with something and then say something like "I think something is wrong with my computer, there was a message in my deleted items folder but I never got it in my in box. Has that ever happened to you?" I'm sure the look on her face would be priceless.