Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still in the Funk

Yes I am still in my depressive weight loss funk. I still dont really know what I want. I was down .4 today from Monday, but still up a pound from last week.

At this point I know its not exercise because I havent exercised in two days. Yesterday I went to a concert after work so I wasnt home to exercise, and tonight I got home just a few min ago and weighed myself, and by the time I make dinner and such, I wont get it in either. And the weight hasnt suddenly dropped down, so its not the exercise that was causing the stall.

Part of me cares, but another part doesnt. I dont want to let a weighin dictate how I feel about a particular week. Every day I do great things - I choose to eat healthy over junk food, I choose to exercise, etc. I dont know why I cant be content with that.

What do I think will happen when I reach 150? Probably nothing miraculous. It IS just a number and I know that. I think before when I met my goal at 160, I thought that I would look a lot better in some of my clothes at 150. Maybe weight loss is not the way to do it. Maybe its exercise. I dont know.

I guess I just need to get back down to the lowest weight I was at (156) and focus more on exercise. The reason I say 156 is because I would have some buffer room from 160, and because I know I can get there. I was there for a while and complained even then. Now Id give just about anything to be there again.

I think thats the biggest point I was trying to articulate - not that its frustrating to be in a plateau, but that Im stuck at a place I already was at. The problem isnt what Im eating or drinking (to those who asked, I dont eat processed foods so Im not eating anything with sugar, flour, HF corn syrup, etc., I dont drink pop or juice). Maybe Im not eating enough, maybe I need to eat more of something. I guess I need to figure that out.

So I think in the next few weeks while I am at this place of uncertainty, I just need to think about what Im eating, and what I want to focus on: exercise or weight loss.


Cammy said...

Heather, I can't remember if you've discussed this before (and pardon me if you have), but have you considered a few sessions with a personal trainer? The reason I suggest it is because of your comment that it wasn't as much your weight as it was how you look in your clothes. (Or at least that's what I read.)

I was amazed at how much by body changed when I worked with the trainer. The pounds weren't coming off so fast, but the sizes were dropping all over the place. I was in a size 8 pants at around 175 pounds, which I didn't think was possible.

If you explain what you're working toward to a trainer, s/he will probably be able to come up with an effective plan for you to use in your exercise, to make sure you're getting the most out of your limited time. Just a thought.

hannah katherine said...

girl, when you figure it out let me know. i'm RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

metro15 said...

Hang in there, we all have these periods where we have to reassess our goals. If you keep on your healthy path, you will end up where you want to be, I'm sure of it!

And thanks for your comment, it came at a perfect moment just as I was feeling like this whole thing was too much work. :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Try to focus on how well you've done (which is amazing), and that you are still doing healthful stuff for yourself. Maybe the depressive funk is connected to it all. depression affects a lot. You keep doing the good things--moving, sleeping enoeugh, staying hydrated, and eating well, and you will be fine. Stress is not our friend.

So, try hard to just chill and do something that might cheer you up a bit.

The P

Angie said...

The comment about depression really hit home with me. I'm only able to lose weight when I'm happy. When I'm depressed nothing works. I've even talked with a doctor before when I wasn't losing. He went over my eating, my exercise, everything and he couldn't see a reason why I wasn't dropping the pounds. When I'm out of depression I lose without trying too much. It's crazy. I'm really prone to depression so I have to make a conscious effort of acknowledging it and overcoming it before it gets too bad.

Teale said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Cammy. Have you ever considered just walking away from the scale for a week or two? Keep doing what you're doing, but don't let that number dictate how you're feeling. Let your body tell you how it's feeling, and let the way your clothes fit tell you how you're doing! It's just a thought!

new*me said...

maybe a decision to just keep up with regular exercise and healthy eating because it's good for you...and just trying to maintain a 5 lb range. Letting go of trying to lose more might in turn help the stress levels go down and maybe then you'll be surprised :) at what happens when you relax a little.

Alex said...

Hi, I hope you feel better soon. Weight loss is a rollar coaster, it makes us feel awesome when we see the pounds drop, but it can make us feel horrible if we don;t see the weight come off or feel the way we though we would. You should try to focus on the positive, the positive is that you have gotten down to 160 (thats awesome) that your trying to better your health/life. Things will work out eventually:) As for your last comment...about not being sure what to focus on weight loss or exercise..I'm slightly puzzled. Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. So by focusing on exercise your also focusing on weight loss:)

Laura N said...

Hi Heather! I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. I can really relate. I did a diet last year that was truly successful. I got down to my lowest weight ever & looked very lean (at least as lean as a 38 year old mom of 2 can look, lol).

It manipulates glycogen stores & is not easy to follow at first, but once you get the hang of it it's 2nd nature. I fell off the wagon at the holidays & haven't had it in me to start again--mainly because I get down in the winter months, big time--but it works & will bust your plateau, I'm certain.

It's called Crack the Fat Loss Code. 1st week is low carb--kinda brutal! But after that it's not bad. You even get cheat days which for me made it much more doable.

Hang in there. And, girl, you're still gorgeous!

Lyn said...

You'll probably feel better in the spring... ya think? Just hang in there. ANd I don't know how long that pic has been up on the side of your blog, but you look fantastic and I love the dress!

Scale Junkie said...

So many great comments already. I do think the weather has a lot to do with the mood this time of the year but I know your diet is already where it needs to be but I remember once when a friend plateaued, she added a tablespoon of peanut butter to her week or another spoon of a healthy fat and she started losing again. The personal trainer is a good idea too.

Crystal said...

I see your scale is being as big of a pain as mine. Try not to get too frustrated. I know it's hard (cuz I'm completely frustrated myself!) but we just have to keep doing what we know is right and our bodies will eventually respond. I think focusing on the exercise is a great idea and pay attention to how your body feels and how clothes fit. That may help take some stress off the scale. That's what I try to do when the scale gives me the blues.

You can do anything you set your mind to so keep positive. I'll be rooting for you!

Carleen said...

don't let the scale rule your life :) hide it for a bit... and stay positive!!

MB said...

You're doing all the right things and have accomplished so much. Try not to get to frustrated, just keep the faith you will get there.