Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frustration Continues

Nothing different from Monday - I am still completely frustrated and feel alone in this. I appreciate the helpful tips. I can accept the fact that something needs to change. Down .2 so its something but is still unacceptable.

What I cannot accept is why this is happening. The last time I consistently weighed in the 159s was back in October. It doesnt make sense to me that now 3 months later I am consistently weighing there again when the last 3 months I was consistently weighing around 157.

It pisses me off because before Christmas and New Years, things were fine. I expected to gain a little weight, but thought like all the other times I had some special events, that after a few days my weight would drop back down again. Looking at my numbers, thats exactly what always happens.

What is different now? Nothing - except more exercise. I hate to deduce this to exercise, but there honestly and truly is no other reason for this except the exercise since that is the only thing that is different. I even weighed a 10 pound weight on the scale just to make sure the scale was still working correctly. Yep - it is. Its me that has the problem. TOM is not even close. I got nothing else. I am really and truly reflecting on this honestly. I always wish I was doing something wrong so at least I would have a reason for this.

And why is it I can write a post on fluff aka the Wii Fit and get tons of comments, yet write about the frustration I feel and get only a handful? There arent too many times I ask for support, but now is one of them and I just feel very alone.


Teale said...

Whenever you go through a time like this, my suggestion is always the same... maybe it's time to shake things up. I know that I used to get in a routine with things, food-wise. I didn't try many new things b/c I knew what stuff was healthy & I stuck to that. Maybe it's time to flip-flop and stop eating the "fall-backs" and try some new stuff? Similarly, have you ever considered blogging your daily food? Maybe since you're exercising more, you need a different kind of nutrients than you were getting when you were less active?

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Depending on the type of exercise, you might have added a couple pounds of muscle. Really, could be, no?

You may not be doing ANYTHING wrong, but simply be at the place where your body wants to be, with minor fluctuations, and the exercise may just be adding to your muscle.

The only thing I can suggest is to relax and gauge how you FEEL. If you're eating well, and if you're exercisign regularly, and you FEEL GOOD, then celebrate that and don't think that "wrong" comes into it. This may be a good weight for you (or not, only you know).

The P

hannah katherine said...

i don't have any wise words, as i've been experiencing something similar since october : ) i think i just stick with it because i know i'm doing the right thing for my body. i think i just assume it will eventually catch up with us, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Do you take measurements? Have you lost inches? Could be muscle.

We need to change up our exercise routines at times because our bodies become more effecient. Maybe change up your eating routines.

There is a Wendy plan or something like that out there based on WW philosophy. Basically it states to switch up the amount of calories you eat each day. Find your total number of calories you need for the week and then instead of dividing equally eat more one day and less another. Makes the body keep guessing and wondering how many calories it is going to get so it keeps burning calories.

Maybe your body is telling you that the weight you are at is where you need to be.

Michelle said...

I agree with Paula on the taking of measurements. The first few months I met with my trainer, my weight barely moved, but I was consistently losing inches.

I also looked at your food plan and am wondering if you're getting what your body needs nutritionally. Protein is really important and my trainer prefers that I eat (lean) protein over carbs. 30% of my calories are supposed to come from protein alone, 20% from fat, and 50% from carbs. I have found that I gain weight if I eat too many fruits due to the sugar, even though it's natural. And dairy, well...with age, I've become lactose intolerant and get severe stomach issues and bloating if I have too much dairy.

Also, my doc recommended that I take a calcium supplement with vitamin D so that I absorb the calcium, you may want to look into that with your doc.

Do you only drink water? Do you drink other beverages too?

Do you track calories in (food consumption) and calories out (exercise / daily living)? I think these two sites are great if you don''s what I used when I used to track by spreadsheet.

Good luck and just stick with it! said...

Hey Heather,
Sorry your struggling so hard with this. I'll warn you in advance that what I'm going to say is probably not going to be taken well....

I think you are obsessed with the scale and the numbers on the scale. And, I don't think its a healthy place to be. Having said that, I do, TRULY, understand your frustration. You know how my struggle for fat removal is incredibly slow.

I realize there is a fine balance between accountability and obsessiveness and that we each need to find our own balance.

I agree with the previous posters that perhaps it's time to shake things up a bit in your way of eating, given that everything I've read says that what you eat contributes 90% to weight loss whereas exercise, though good for you, really doesn't contribute that much.

Are you doing cardio for your exercise? Switch to strength training. It's proven, study after study, to do more for you than cardio.

Are you eating processed foods and 100 calorie packs of cookies? Diet sodas? Frozen dinners? Gobs of carbs? Cut out the processed foods and eat protein & non-carb veggies for a month and evaluate your results.

Whatever you are doing, become willing to try something different. My 'different' this month is keeping my calories to about 1500 and carbs below 20. Let me tell you, I don't like it at ALL. I miss my veggies. I miss my wine. I miss my afternoon snack.

But, I had to become willing to try something because the bloody random number generator is not moving and YES, it really ticks me off. So, I became willing to try something else. I don't like it - but if at the end of the month I discover that it helps move me out of my plateau, then it will have been worth the discomfort.

Go ahead and rant and rave and then make a decision to try something different. Or make a decision that you are happy where you are. Only you know for sure what is best for you or WHEN it's best for you.

Be well, my friend.

carla said...

I think that you are simply saying what so many of us feel. hitting TOO CLOSE TO HOME and people STOP THINK SIGH REREAD EVEN and click away without commenting.

it isnt that we're not here (the royal) we're just feeling it along with you.

you know where to find me if you think I can lend a hand...


new*me said...

It might be helpful for us to see a day of what you eat typically :)

We are here for you :)........We have all been there.

Maybe letting go of the stress could help......some deep breathing, or yoga. They say stress can really prevent you from losing. Make sure you are getting 7-8 good hours of sleep a night too. Hope this helps :)

Sarah said...

Hi-- Sometimes the body just needs a rest. A plateau is not the worst thing in the world but it will be if you obsess over a number. Your body needs time to readjust to it's new weight. Perhaps your metabolism has slowed while dieting and your body is holding onto every last little calorie preventing you from losing now, when you could in the past. This has happened to me and there is nothing to be done about, but wait it out and not gain out of frustration. Your body will readjust to this new level of food intake and it will no longer feel like it is starving and you will lose weight again, but right now, your body is saying enough!

This is a lifelong commitment-- cut yourself some slack and see if you can't focus on something else right now.

Cammy said...

I know the weight loss is important to you. It's important to all of us, and I know you're bound to be tired of hearing me encourage you (and me) to find a way to move beyond the numbers. It goes against a lifetime of conditioning, but focusing on other successes--making them the celebration-worthy events--is really and truly the best way to go. Nothing magical happens when we reach that magic number, anyway. It's not like our jobs become easier or our houses clean themselves. :)

Hang in there...

Wei Sic Meow said...

Sorry you're stuck again. If the only thing different is exercise then maybe it is muscle gain, as many people are suggesting. Does your gym have a body fat monitor or do you know where you can get use of one? Maybe that is something that will reassure you. Also, measuring is good or getting some perspective on it. I know it's frustrating and hard not to think about the numbers but the other ways of measuring are useful too.

I'm sure things will start moving in the right direction again. And you're not alone, we've all been there and we all know your frustration. Chin up hon!

Bev said...

1. Check measurements or start tracking them

2. Change workouts to something that will "shock" your body. (back when I was super fit and needed to lose it was hard but I found that jump squats and jump lunges did it for me! Very high intensity)

3. Make sure you are eating ENOUGH food. Sometimes you can eat too little and slow down your metabolism.

4. Cut out added sugar for a while and see what happens.

5. Pray......! ; )

6. Try not to stress too much, it actually can cause weight gain. (google it)

Hope some of that helped!

hannah katherine said...

you are lovely and so right - i'm just angry and frustrated! but it's okay...i suppose we'll all get there one day : )

Lyn said...

Hey :)

I don't want you to feel alone. I'm right there with you. I think your body is just taking a break. I don't understand it all, but I know you just gotta keep on going until the body responds.

I read over on Roni's Weigh yesterday that instead of falling in love with a goal, we have to fall in love with the process. I think that makes sense.


Tony said...

Hey Heather! I am struggling right now too, so you are not alone. Is 150 your ultimate goal or do you plan on losing even more after that? As others have said, changing it up is always a way to help get over a plateau. You might want to check out calorie cycling. J3nn from is very knowledgeable about this. Also, as crazy as it sounds eating more might help jolt your metabolism as well to get you over the plateau.

Scale Junkie said...

I know so often I read a post and then the phone rings or something happens and my attention is taken away from the computer and I never get back to commenting.

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

If I knew the answer to your question I'd be a millionaire because I've seen it and heard it from so many people. I know that giving up isn't the answer but after that I'm lost too.

Anonymous said...

I can't give you any other advice than the people before me. I think your body is doing whatever the hell it wants (as does mine occasionally). All you can do is focus on the good things you are doing for yourself, and keep going.

hugs and support x

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hey, lady! It's been five days. Where are you??? I hope you're not feeling down. I hope you're just super-busy having an exciting life. :D

the P

Karyn said...

(((hugs))))Heather....I'm sorry you are feeling so discouraged.

previous commentors have left some really good advise.

Maybe the ones most pertinent right now are the ones that caution about stress.

if you can let go of what the numbers say, and relax a little mentally, you may see the numbers begin to fall again.

On the other hand, and I've said it could be that you are at the weight your body is going to be the most comfortable.

Do you need to change your goal? What is your body saying to you?

I'm sorry that you have felt abandoned by this community....I know I've been finding it hard to have enough time to read and comment on all the blogs I have on my list.

We all want to see you come to the place where you feel successful and begin to be able to rejoice in the incredible victory you have already won!

Liska said...

Well I am delighted to see that for Wii Fit you had 14 comments and for this post you are already at 19, so your call for support was duly answered.

Give the alkaline thing a try. Try having fresh lemon or fresh limes in your water and increasing the intake, while reducing protein, meat and dairy. It is the only advice I can offer apart from that muscle is heavier than fat and I know you have said you are exercising more.

Best of luck x