Monday, January 12, 2009


That is how I feel recently - just utterly confused. Why is that I am not losing any weight? Why am I weighing more than I have in a few months yet not doing anything to myself that would cause a gain? I thought for sure after the holidays my weight would go back down, but its just sitting here not doing a thing.

I weighed in again today the same as friday. Sure its not a gain, but when I have been doing my best, I dont get it. I was weighing 157 consistently for quite some time so I dont get why I am not moving back down there.

I am doing all of the right things - eating right, drinking water, and getting lots of exercise in. More exercise than I have the past few months. Why would exercise cause me to maintain a higher weight? Why would I not be losing more weight having more physical activity? Sure I guess I could be gaining muscle or losing inches, but the one pair of jeans that are my tight jeans are uncomfortable than when I was at 157, so I doubt that is the case.

Has this happened to anyone else? I know that exercise is wonderful for you, but Im putting in so much hard work now and it just doesnt seem worth it. Its very frustrating and for all I bitched and moaned about being stuck at 157, I would much rather be there than at the same weight I was back in July when Im doing everything right! AHHHH I just needed to vent!


new*me said...

maybe you are not eating enough? Have you switched up your eating? Maybe something similar to the zone so you eat frequently and keep your metabolism up. A trip to the doc perhaps to check your thyroid.

Your weight for your height has always sounded good to me but I know you have a goal you still want to reach so it must be frustrating.

metro15 said...

New reader just wanted to join in. I agree with new*me - you may need to assess what you're currently eating and change it up a little to get out of this plateau. Maybe assess the carb, protein and fat make-up of your current diet and see if there are any switches you can make.

I know how frustrating it is to get stuck at a weight that doesn't quite feel right - I've been there for 6 years since losing 27 pounds on WW! I do think there is a way to get past the plateaus, but often it takes a major shift from what's worked up until that point. Anyway, good luck!

Angie said...

I've always done best with moderate exercise. When I start "killing myself" at the gym I don't lose. When I take it down a notch and just get a nice good work-out in I lose more.

Liska said...

Maybe try having squeezed lemon or limes "in" the water so that it enables you to alkalise. When we are acidic we don't lose weight, so maybe also up your intake of green food. Thanks for popping by to my recent post where I lost 3 pounds. That was achieved in a few days by becoming more alkaline.

Robert O Young says we have to drink a litre of water for every 30pounds of our weight so I have drunk 6 litres every day since Sunday.

Best of luck

Merry said...

I can relate to how frustrating it is when the mind wants one thing and the body goes along at its own pace.