Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling Better

Physically I am not feeling better as I seem to have developed a cold over the past few days. Mentally though, I feel better and in a much better spot than I was the last few weeks.

Weight-wise, I am down to 159.2 so thats about .8 from last week, which isnt where I want to be, but I think I am at a spot now where I have realized that I want to focus more on toning up my body than just losing weight on the scale.

Maybe this is what I should have done in the first place upon meeting my goal at 160. I guess I thought that losing 10 more pounds would really tone me up nicely, but now Im understanding that exercise is whats going to do that. Its not so much the number - after some reflection I realized that I dont care so much about what exactly I weight, its more of how I look. There is nothing special about 150, and if I weigh what I weigh now and look toned, I would be happy with that. Its that thought that got me to realize that I have really been going after the wrong thing.

I plan on still trying to lose weight. It may be slow and it may speed up once my body gets used to this level of exercise. However, I really am just going to enjoy working out. I plan on buying a tape measure so I can start measuring myself to see if I am losing inches in the spots that I would like. In addition to the Wii Fit, I also bought My Fitness Coach for the Wii, and it is fantastic! Its like having a personal trainer but better, because you dont have to leave your house, and much cheaper since its only $30 bucks rather than much more for a real personal trainer. I highly recommend the game by the way for anyone who has a Wii. Maybe it is just my imagination but I do notice my arms becoming more muscular, and even though my weight is a bit higher than it was previously, the pants that were my "tight" pants seem to fit just as well as when I was down. I guess the tape measure will tell, but I do feel good and do feel refreshed after some weeks to really think about this.


Cammy said...

Glad you're feeling better in one aspect anyway! Sometimes a step back is the best tool in the box.

Realizing that the weight wasn't the be-all, end-all was a turning point for me. As I exercised, I started seeing (and others saw) amazing physical changes, much greater than the pounds lost would indicate. I think *feeling* so great helped me completely miss the fact that it took me from June to October to lose the last 10 pounds. LOL

I think you'll see GREAT results from your exercise! Besides, it's fun. :)

metro15 said...

That's great that you have such a fresh new attitude! You're so right, after a certain point it's all about the exercise as well as diet. Oh and .8 pounds is nothing to sniff at either. :) said...

My sister has that same wii program and thinks it's great.

I think for me, I probably weigh more but am a smaller size and it's due to the 18+ months of exercise, especially the strength training.

Glad you took the time to figure out what was best for you - that's really all we can do - is find what's best for us right now.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

The experts say that what matters most is finding an activity you enjoy and can do with a sense of play and fun. That way, sticking to it is easier, because of the joy factor. So, I'm glad you're focusing on having a good time with exercise.

It'll happen.

the Princess

new*me said...

so glad your mind has shifted to focus on the positive now! Toning up will most likely be the secret weapon for you ;)

Wei Sic Meow said...

Great stuff. I'm pleased to hear you have got to a comfortable place with the weight and your focus has shifted. Measuring is definitely a good indicator but so are clothes so I'd say you are heading in the direction you want already.

I may need to check out the Wii coach thing, I hadn't heard of it. I haven't done much Wii Fit for a while (the BF is getting in his XBox time lately!) but really want to start doing more of the yoga and strength training exercises.

Anonymous said...

yay for you! I think exercise always makes such a difference - lots of resistance training will help you see results.

I always think how I appear is the deciding factor for my weight, I have no idea what to set as goal!

Good luck!


Hanlie said...

Woohoo! I'mm so glad you made that connection! My goal is to be lean and heavy with muscle. I'll take the toned body over a number on the scale any day!

Good luck with your training!