Monday, December 15, 2008

Too Long

Its been waaaay to long since I posted! I feel like Ive been gone longer than a week. Not a habit that I would like to keep.

First things first, the weight is the same so I cant complain about that. I have been away from the scale for a week and I have to say, I dont like it. I know there are some out there who weigh just once a week, but after my experience of a weekly weighin, I decided that I didnt like it. I didnt really have a gauge of how well I was doing, and was even starting to think in my mind that I was gaining all this weight. Thankfully that is not true.

I had a great trip to Denver and actually did manage to eat pretty healthy. I carried some Luna bars with me for snacks and kept drinking from my water bottle. Our clients took us out to lunch and I got this really delicious wrap that was so fresh and full of avocado and other vegetables. I had that with some salad and was full and satisfied. Dinner was a little less healthy as we were stuck at the airport since our flight was delayed, but I managed to avoid the Ben & Jerrys and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I got in very late that night or should I say morning, and was exhausted on Thursday. Friday I would have weighed in, but I went out to lunch for a coworkers birthday later in the day and I knew my weighin wouldnt be a "true" weigh in so I just skipped it.

Then, this weekend I went to the winery that I go to with my boyfriend a lot that has the amazing steak (only place I ever eat red meat), and of course I had the steak. I was sure that would jeopardize my weighin today, but not so much since I maintained. The rest of this week will be tough since tomorrow I am going out to lunch to celebrate the completion of the large project I had the last few months, and then Wednesday is our office Christmas party. So I probably will not be weighing in on Wednesday.

But I do feel able to deal with all of these challenges. I still get nervous and think, what will I eat? Somehow I always manage and usually find that the scale isnt too unkind. Holidays are hard and stress a lot of people out, and its totally not worth it.

Exercise has really been a struggle for me though lately. Since my work load has died down, I have found that I do have more time now during the week for exercise, but I tend to come home and crash on the couch instead. Its like my body is recovering from these months of major stress and long hours, and now it doesnt want to move when I have some down time. Its not an excuse, but its how I have been feeling and I dont like that I feel this way. Its hard to get back into and thats not a good thing. I keep imagining myself gaining all the weight back because I am not exercising which I know wont happen, but I know I need to get off my butt and its just really hard.

I also just feel like Im in this "safe" place right now. Sure I lose some weight but have maintained overall for a few months. As much as I want the weight to come off and come off faster, Im not really doing much to kick things up a notch. I just keep doing what Im doing, dont have much to post, no major revelations. Im not sure Im happy with this spot Im in right now. It would be one thing if I intended for maintenance, because then I could feel content with where Im at. I wasnt ready for it before, but now Im feeling that I am. So I just want to lose these last 7 pounds and be done with this already. I guess once the holidays are over, I have no excuse to really get things moving.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hey, you've done and are doing great. Maybe consider this is the good weight for you. You seem to be maintaining without going crazy--even without exercising--so maybe this is a solid, maintainable weight? Maybe? :)

I think you've been looking slim and terrific.

The Princess

Bunny Trails said...

So happy you are back :) You were missed!

I'm thinking 'the princess' might just have a point - maybe this is a good weight for you? Your body might be happy?? :) BUT how do you feel about relaxing and letting it be? It sounds like you really have a handle in the self control area (I'm so jealous).

Your trip sounds like it was nice. I adore Denver! Your self control was seriously impressive!

Angie said...

I think the last few pounds are over-rated :) and of course after the new year everything is so much easier because EVERYONE is trying to lose weight and there's not as much temptation.

Karyn said...

I agree with Princess....maybe consider that you are at the weight you should be.

Sounds like you have a great handle on things!

Maybe try to think maintanence over the holiday then re evaluate after the new year?

Cammy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip to Denver!

Enjoy this "resting spot" and think of it as restoring energy you'll need to kick in the last part of your program. said...

Hey Heather,
You are doing so well - and I think the others might be spot on with thinking of this as a maintenance or resting spot before you blast through those last 7 pounds.

I know how frustrating it can be to not be losing when you want to be losing, but I've come to think these moments of non weight loss are so important to our education.

As far as exercise goes, keep in mind also that there are 'experts' out there who say exercise has very little to do with actual weight or fat loss. There are other great benefits for exercise, but for actual weight loss - their data/studies shows it's not 100% necessary. Guess what I'm saying is if your body needs a rest, maybe you need to honor it and let it rest.

I've rambled enough....have a great holiday!

Ceres said...

I know what you mean about the exercise. I find it really hard to get back on the wagon too. But it looks like you need the rest, and you're doing so well overall, so that's definitely a reason to celebrate!! I hope you get some rest during the holidays, and then it'll be easier to start exercising again.

Anonymous said...

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