Friday, September 5, 2008

Up and Down

Well I am down from Wednesday (158.6), but still up for the week. Stupid TOM ruining my weighins! I know this happens to me every time that TOM comes around, but its still frustrating.

Mentally I have been feeling somewhat better the past few days. A bad situation at work was resolved yesterday that took a load off of me. I also did yoga for the first time in a while, and it felt really good to relieve some stress. I love yoga, but find I tend to go towards the cardio and strength type workouts when I want to see a better loss on the scale. Somehow I have to really take time for both, because the meditation and relaxation part of yoga really seems to help me mentally and physically.

Nothing big planned this weekend which is probably exactly what I need. Next week at work will be horrible - I have a lot of projects due, and on top of that we have a 9 hour meeting on Wednesday that we are expected to attend that lasts until 8 at night. So I will be working a 13 hour day that day which I am already dreading. Plus they are flying in some employees who work externally, and about half of them are assholes. One consultant we call "President K", because he really thinks he is the greatest thing in the world and no one is as important as him. Another "favorite" (I say that sarcastically), is the guy who trained me when I first started, who turned out to be so obnoxious, bitched about the job, quit, and came crawling back - only to find out he could work from Florida which is what he wanted in first place. What a way to reward disloyalty. So I really have to prepare myself mentally for the coming week or I am going to really have problems.


Ceres said...

Just ignore the scale at this time :-) Weigh yourself, but don't take it seriously, once TOM is over you will see where you really stand. But you knew that already, right? :-)

I have only done yoga once, and really enjoyed it! You know that I'm hooked on cardio kickboxing, and part of the reason is that my instructor puts a lot of emphasis on mental as well as physical balance, which is a lot like yoga!

Enjoy a relaxing weekend, and I hope next week at work is not as dreadful as you fear right now :-)

new*me said...

Try to think of other positive things next week. I try not to take stuff too personally's not worth the stress ;)

TOM messes with weigh ins for me too. Seriously, after the Christmas challenge is over, I am thinking of weighing just monthly like a week after my TOM is over. I know it's a big jump but I don't want the scale to run my life when I know what I am doing/eating is the right things

Scale Junkie said...

a few weeks from now, next week will be a memory. Try not to let the stress get you down.

Sorry TOM ruined your weigh in, he's making me have the munchies prior to his arrival right now, grrrr.