Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad Scale

Well the scale is not my friend today - I weighed in up 2 pounds. That is a pretty large gain for me. But, TOM is days away, and I know the burger I had on monday at the cookout are probably the culprits for such a large gain. I havent been this high since August 13th, so at least I know its not a "real" gain. I have been so darn bloated for the last two days its no wonder.

I came up with a new phrase to spout to those who make comments about my lunch still: Quality over Quantity. Today a newer employee commented on my lunch.

Him: Thats your lunch?
Me: Yes, why? (keep in mind, my lunch consisted of perfect balance - protein, vegetable, fruit, fiber, and dairy)
Him: Well I couldnt eat that, I would be starving
Me: Why do you think you need to eat a lot to be full?
Him: I dont know, I just do
Me: Have you ever considered that its not always quantity over quality? That its what you eat, rather than how much eat ? That balance is what is key?
Him: Oh.

Nice huh? But its true....people think you need to eat a lot of food to be full. But its really what you are eating. Combining all the fruit groups into a balanced meal packs more nutrition into you so you can be mentally focused all afternoon and not feel hungry as easily. So quality over quantity!


Scale Junkie said...

Ugh it bothers me when people feel the need to comment on your food. He might have just been friendly or maybe looking for an excuse to ask you out to lunch but still...

I'm all about balance, you can eat a TON of food for 1500 calories if you make wise decisions or you can eat two loaded slices of pizza, really its a no brainer.

new*me said...

so true :) I used to need a super size amount of food to be satisfied. Even at the beginning of the journey, I would eat a ton of veggies just to get that full feeling. Most days I don't need that anymore. It takes a while to learn what satisfied is and giving your brain enough time to process it.

Don't worry about the 2 lbs. Probably TOM.

Tori said...

Good for you for spreading some good food vibes at work!

Don't worry about the gain, it happens what's important is to never quit, you know that already though.

I'm up today too, had a death in the family and I did a little emotional eating. I knew I was but didn't want to stop. Anyhow, you're not alone!

MizFit said...

(and why do I think if I did Id accidentally trigger a debate I was NOT interested in :))

echoing what you already know:
you can PEE OUT a pound of that :)

Lora said...

Great retort to your co-worker! And so full of wisdom too, Heather!

Don't fret about the scale. Fluctuations of a few pounds are normal. It's the overall average that counts.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why your gain is not a "real" gain... when you lose, it's a "real" loss, so what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why your gain is not a "real" gain, but when you lose, it's a "real" loss...?

Ceres said...

He he he, loved the little dialogue snippet :-) Gotta give 'em what they deserve!
I have to say, none of the people I know has been obnoxious so far, commenting on what I eat, etc. Everybody has been supportive and loving, except on those instances when I might say "no" to a dinner invitation (doesn't happen very often), then I get the occasional eyes rolling up. I laugh it out and it's all good :-)
Don't worry about the scale, two pounds before TOM is a very small gain for my standards, plus you know you had the beef, which tends to stay with you for some time.

Crystal said...

I agree..I don't eat much at work cuz I don't like to be full (makes me sleepy) and I enjoy my salads and apples. Eat what you want and enjoy.

ashley said...

Interesting points about quality over quantity. For me, I always feel I need a lot of food to be satisfied (not just full). I'll have to keep your conversation in mind!

Laura N said...

Dang girl, you shut him down! Yeah baby! It's annoying when people comment on what someone else is eating. It's none of their bees wax. I'm glad you said what you did to him.

I think a 2 pound leeway up is OK, even if it doesn't feel like it. It will be gone in no time.