Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One step forward, and two steps back

ahhh that is the never ending game that I play with the scale. I was up today .4, so while I was so happy to be down on Monday, I am back up a little today.

Dont get me wrong, I know its just a midweek weighin and Im sure its a fluctuation. Everything is in check, exercise, food, water - all good. Its just frustrating when its down..then its up. Then down...then up. Its so hard to get ahead when you are always going backwards. I hate the scale sometimes!


carla said...

I know you know this BUT you can pee that all out today.


that's my comment.



Cyndi said...

I just don't like scales that measure in 'points'. I'm either up a pound or down a pound. The 1/10th would make me crazy. Most likely without the decimal measurement, your weight is the same today as yesterday!

Don't sweat it!

new*me said...


maybe you should only weigh once a week?

Ceres said...

Pfffff, you're always so worried about day-to-day fluctuations, whereas the long-term trend is clearly in your favor and shows all your hard work paying off :-) Do you realize that 0.4 lb is 6.4 oz? That's less than a glass of water!

new*me said...

Please stop by my blog today :) There is something waiting for you!

Karyn said...

weighing every day can be a good motivation - as long as you pay attention to the way your weight fluctuates from day to day.

If you are tracking your weight daily you can go back and notice how your body normally gains and loses...comparing to your water intake, exercise, and food choices for the day before. Also, your health and your sleep patterns affect your daily fluctuations.

If you cannot help being discouraged and frustrated, then weigh once a week instead.

Kari said...

Girl....your still at one step forward. Your official weigh in day is on Monday so this mid-week weigh in is NOT two steps back.
And are you weighing at the same time every day?
I wouldn't worry about it until Monday...if you are doing everything right then the rest will come with time.
Chin Up!

Thinking Thin said...

Ok, are all of us going to have to come hunt you down and smack you around a little? Why are you stressing over .4 in the middle of the week? Now, if you would have said 4lbs I might tell ya to go hop on the treadmill, but you look amazing, have done amazing, stop it! I am only seeing steps forward :P