Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok that is how I feel right now..disgusting. I did not have a good day and am loaded to capacity of all the wrong foods.

The morning started off well enough...the company was having a continental breakfast since all our employees and outside consultants would be in the office for the day of meetings. I helped some people set everything up, had a plate of fruit, and yes, half of a donut. But I looove donuts and thought, ok this will be my splurge of the day. During the breakfast, one of my friends got very offended by something that I and another employee said as a joke. One employee was joking about how they were offering pizza and chinese food, and that the pizza was coming from the chinese place (not true). We were joking about what kind of toppings a Chinese place would have on a pizza, and I jokingly said dog meat instead of sausage, because we have had a few consultants go to China and come back talking about how it is on the menu, etc. Well this employee got offended that I said that, and another employee said that its true, they do eat dog in China. My friend stood up from the table leaving in tears. She emailed our supervisor saying she was going to leave sick for the day and that it was the other employees fault and mine as well. I was just shocked. I feel very bad if I offended her in some way, but my intention was not to do that at all. I was just making a joke and it wasnt directed to her or anyone else. My supervisor agreed, that of course that she took it too seriously, but what a way to start off the morning.

Then there was various other drama throughout the day. We had a benefits meeting since we are switching health plan providers (which is a big deal for us since this is the 4th provider we have now had and the last one sucked), and lunch was served during this meeting. It was subway, and I didnt want it, so I just ate the lunch I brought. Nice move, except there were chips and dip at every table. So I had one chip, and then another, and then several more.

Made it through the hours of meetings, which included much bullshit that really upset me even more, including being pulled in to give my supervisors presentation because he was "unavailable" and I had no idea what he wanted to talk about. Dinner time came and I thought, ok there is a lot of Subway left, I would much rather eat that then the chinese and pizza. So I did, but now I just feel gross. I am bloated enough from TOM, and now add chips and dip, half a donut, and a sub from subway, and I feel so disgusting with myself.

At this point, I am heading out to exercise. At least tomorrow is a new day and I will be treating it as such. We will be having another giant breakfast and lunch the next 2 days, but at least tomorrow I am working from home and can avoid it, and Friday there is no way I will be wanting to feel like this again. Now when I see the numbers up on the scale on Friday, I will DEFINITELY know why.


Kari said...

I think you are being too hard on yourself. Really it doesn't sound like you indulged that bad at all. Um and let me remind you that you only ate 1/2 the donut instead of the whole thing. AND you ate your own lunch instead of subway. AND you passed up pizza and chinese and instead chose subway which is a much healthier option. See what I'm saying actually did really well! Give yourself some credit. Sorry it was such a long day and my goodness that girl must have been having a rough start to her day to get that upset. kinda funny but not really. lol. Better day tomorrow!

Ceres said...

Oh, Heather, relax, it doesn't seem that bad at all! You made so many right choices, a few chips will not cancel the rest of your efforts, come on! And h-a-l-f a doughnut, are you kidding me? Big deal! The bloating will go away soon enough, and Subway was definitely a better option than pizza or greasy Chinese.
About the employee, it really sounds to me like she just wanted the day off and found an excuse to leave. If I were offended like that every time that someone made a joke about Greece/Greeks, I don't think I would have any friends left!

Twix said...
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Twix said...

Yuck, that sux. Sorry to hear that it was a bad day. But you did end it on a good note. You are right! Tomorrow is a new day and we can make a difference for the better there. High five!

sorry for that last deleted comment so many typos..

Anonymous said...

Half a donut is a "splurge"? (shakes head)

Lyn said...

Hard to say what that person's issue was. Very strange. Maybe she was just PMSing!! Dog sausage, mmmm.... :)

I think you sound ready to be right back on track, so the "damage" if any, will be very temporary. You're doing fantastic!

new*me said...

Sending you a blog hug and telling you to stop being so hard on yourself. Foods that we know aren't so good for us are going to find their way down the hatch now and then! It doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. You are human! What is perfect anyway? You are living the life of moderation most of the and then just let go. Let go of the guilt and like you said, you have tomorrow to get back on track and continue.'s okay :)

Lainey said...

Your colleague needs a good slap. How dramatic. If I were her supervisor I would be pulling her up for going off sick for something so pathetic.

I agree with the others- sounds like you food intake could have been much worse. I would call that a victory!

Tony said...

Lol, I never get tired of all the Chinese dog jokes...Seriously, your friend needs to lighten up.

Shanna said...

aww.. Heather! I am sorry you are so bummed. I can't believe how OVERLY sensitive your "friend" is! I would totally confront her about it. I mean going to the supervisor without saying anything to you guys first & crying about it! Seriously, how old is she...grow up!

I know what you mean about feeling guilty over crimes against nutrition. no matter how small they are to other people, they are HUGE to us! It can feel like you are taking a step backwards on an already l-o-n-g journey to the ultimate goal. but you realized this. You didn't go super overboard. And its a new day, with new start.

So good luck with everything! =)