Friday, September 12, 2008

Could be worse

Just weighed in, and while I didnt lose anything, I also didnt gain anything. So I guess it could be much worse. Sure, am I happy that 2 weeks ago I was down over 2 pounds from this? No way. But after the things I ate on Wednesday and TOM, I guess I should be satisfied with no gain.

I am still frustrated though. True, I met my goal and that is a wonderful thing. But I am not trying to maintain anything right now, but thats all my body seems to be doing. I lose and then go right back up. Maybe I am in a plateau right now, who knows.

But at least for now, Im the same and thats better than a gain. Work things settled down, and my friend at work quit today, but said that she overreacted and due to things going on in her life, she is leaving. Very strange, but at least I know its not me. It seems like everyone I work with that I like either quits or is fired. It really sucks because the people there are the only reason that I am still working there and not completely insane.

When will things start to look up? Hopefully soon.


spunkysuzi said...

Sometimes no loss or gain is a good thing!! But it is terribly frustrating.

Ceres said...

No gain during TOM sounds like a loss in real terms to me. I'm sure that soon enough the scale will agree :-)
Sorry to hear about your work and your friend leaving like that... My work is complete crap right now too :-( Do you think it might be worth looking for another job, one that's also closer to where you live right now?

carla said...

today? can I say today they'll start looking up? :)

I need to go back through your archives and refind what youre doing for exercise.

for me adding in the weight training or if you already are doing it SHIFTING IT AROUND really added muscle and helped shed the pounds!


Anonymous said...

Mizfit is right!

You need to somehow change things up. Dial up the intensity on your workouts. Maybe your caloric needs have changed since you've lost weight, have you compensated for your new weight? Or maybe switch up the source of your calories by lowering your carbs and eating more protein.

I am just kind of drawing at straws here. I know it can be frustrating, but I also know that you are one strong chick that oozes determination. Look what you have already accomplished. These last few pounds are nothing!

Hope something helps! =)

Cammy said...

Considering that in the past you've gained several pounds during TOM, maintaining isn't really so bad. Keep doing the right things--food, exercise, and emotional health--and you'll be moving in the right direction soon!