Friday, August 15, 2008


I am so glad its my friend at work, the graphic designer was fired. Everyone was in complete shock and many people were really upset, obviously including me. So it hasnt been that great of a day and I hate my job so much right now.

But in good news, I am down another .8 so I am sitting right at 159. That is something to cheer me up, and other than tonight, I dont have any plans this weekend so I should be able to be 100% on track with my eating and exercise. Tonight I am going to Greekfest with my boyfriend and friends. But my boyfriend and I are eating before we go out so I wont be tempted by the gyros. Although I have the WORST ice cream craving right now. I know its TOM speaking, but all I can think about is devouring a Dairy Queen blizzard. Sorry if that just made someone desire one as well, but TOM can be nasty sometimes.

I watched a disturbing show on TV the other night called "I can't stay thin". It followed two individuals who have yo yo dieted but cannot stay at their lowest weight because they binge and eat unhealthily afterwards. The one guy that they followed disturbed me the most. He was over 300 pounds and quit his job, left his family, friends, and stayed shut up in his apartment for a year. He ate 200-400 calories a day and that was it. He would leave only to buy the little food he needed, and spent his days weighing himself, watching inspirational videos on the computer, and eating the one meal he allowed himself. He sat there doing nothing and said that he just wanted to go to bed so he could wake up and weigh himself. At one point he binged and decided to exercise, but could barely get up the stairs because he had no energy and no good fuel to fill him. He had lost about 140 pounds and while he looked good, he had skin hanging off of him, and said that he wished that it wasnt there. All I could think was, if you exercised and ate healthy foods, that would tighten up and go away! Sure it wouldnt be perfect, but it would help. Once he got to his goal, he kept bingeing and bingeing. He slowed his metabolism down so much.

The girl they followed ended up having a realization, but at one point in the show she visited a nutritionist and was following a healthy plan. She was losing weight but then stopped going to the dietician because she wasnt losing weight "fast enough". It was really sad to see. Trust me, losing weight is not fun and is a LOT of work. It is hard to concentrate on other things. It does take a long time. Exercise does suck sometimes! But it can be done and it can be done the right way. It saddens to me to think that someone has to suffer so much, and learn nothing about what is healthy and how to live healthy without always bingeing or starving. There is an inbetween! And usually this inbetween will help you keep that weight off and stay at a healthy weight. I wish more people could realize that.


sybil said...

That show sounds like it was a bit of a is sad how 'not fast enough' is a reason to quit but I think it's easy to fall into that way of thinking. I've been thinking that I need to stay away from some of the weight loss forums because people are so focused on the scale and for me, that just can't be my primary motivation.

Today I stepped on the scale - for no good reason really as I don't weigh daily - and it was up 2 kilos/4.5 pounds. I would have freaked if I was scale obsessed, but I just noticed it and moved on. I know weight is important - but health is primary and I'm so much healthier than I was a year ago and I'll be healthier a year from now so I just need to keep moving forward.

Have a great weekend, Heather. Enjoy your moments!

spunkysuzi said...

Oh i would get so upset watching a show like that!
:( about your friend that's totally nasty.
:) with your weigh in!! You'll be in the 150's any day ;)

Michelle @ Diary of an Aspiring Loser said...

I watched that too. I'm a True Life junkie. It was SO sad. I had to fast forward through some of his binge episodes. I just couldn't watch.

Sorry about the downer at work. That sucks.

But...Congrats on being down .8 Isn't it funny how weekends with no social stuff are now exciting because it'll be easy to stay on plan :)

MizFit said...

saw that show as well.


Ceres said...

Wow, these yo-yo stories do sound disturbing!
Sorry about the bad climate in your job right now, but congrats on your weight loss. You've been doing great, and it's all the more amazing because you've been on so many off-plan, social events this summer :-)

Big Girl said...

sorry about your friend getting fired. that's always yucky.

That shows sounds like it would be really hard to watch. Sad stories.

Crystal said...

I caught the end of the show and it's sad how much that happens in society. Thinking can get so screwed up when it comes to losing weight...we want our accomplishments right now! Whenever I find myself getting too serious, I take a step back and evaluate my thoughts and take a break, if necessary.