Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 33

Its time for the Healthy You Challenge, and I am happy to report that I am down .4 from where I was this time last week. So thats something good to start with. In regards to exercise, I am happy to report that I got in 4 days. Definitely needs improvment, but exercise has been lacking these past few weeks so Im glad Im working my way up again to 5 days.

I added pears back into my diet again this week as that gave me an extra boost when I needed to lose those last few pounds when I was trying to get to goal. So hopefully the extra fiber will help me get below 160 again because its been far too long since I was below in the 150s.

The question was posted on the HYC blog, how are you different now? To answer, how am I NOT would be a better question! I am so different than I was even a year ago when I was starting out with this healthy lifestyle. I used to doubt myself tremendously in the past when I would try to lose weight. I was so hard on myself too. I took every single failure so personally, and I can say that I have completely turned that around. I know realize that I can succeed, and even when there are mistakes along the way or those bad days where it feels like everything goes wrong, it does get better. It is very freeing in a way because I no longer feel like I am hindered by weight or by a "diet". I actually feel very "normal" (I hate that word actually because what is normal?). I can go through a day without feeling like I need to use food as something other than what is there for - nourishment. I can go through a day without feeling like everyone is staring and judging me by my weight. I can like what I see in the mirror. I feel a sense of accomplishment with the fact that I acheived a major goal.

So basically, how am I different? In just about every way!


Cammy said...

Congrats on seeing a loss!

I forgot about the pears! It's about time for me to try them, I think. :)

You've changed in so many positive ways!

new*me said...

what's the deal with the pears? Please tell ;) Sounds like you are at a great place now. It must be so nice to feel "normal".....even though you are so much better than just "normal!" Have a healthy week ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay on the loss & the fabulous attitude!

I haven't heard about the pear thing either. Should I be stocking up??

Grumpy Chair said...

I love pears, they are my favorite fruit.

You are just too cute!!!!

Ceres said...

I am really happy for you, and I can't wait to feel different too! I have lost a lot of weight and everybody notices, but it hasn't caught up with how I think of myself yet. I keep being surprised at how thinner I look every time that I take a picture these days :-)

Mimosa Faith said...

Hey! You are so encouraging to me! I am just beginning on my weight loss journey and it is great to see someone on the other side who actually made it! Keep up the good work,
Mimosa Faith