Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling Better

Dropped 1.4 down to 160! Glad that Im getting some of these extra pounds off. Now I just need to lose 1.6 more to be back at my lowest low.
Been eating well these past few days and got 1 day of exercise in. Yesterday at work we went out to lunch to the delicious breakfast place we go to a lot and I made healthy choices (egg white omelet and fresh strawberries).
I am leaving shortly for the annual camping trip that I go on with my boyfriend. Very excited! This will be another rough weekend in terms of food since its mostly grilled food such as steak which sits with me a bit longer, and then everyone passes treats around the campfire. I did well last year and came back with a loss, so lets hope I can have the same victory again this year.

Few more pics of my trip:
My boyfriend and I at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Pirates game (beautiful view of Pittsburgh in the background)


MizFit said...

first time reader.


always wanted to visit the R&R Hall of Fame.

off to read...


PrincessDieter said...

You will do fine. Your head is on straight now. :)

You two have such fun together. Reminds me of my younger days with the hubby--always doing something fun. Being fat made me a fuddy-duddy. Once this pudge comes off, I'll be able to do stuff again without huffing, puffing, and not fitting in stadium seats. Can't WAIT!

Later, have fun (you will, natch)
the Princess

Ceres said...

Have a great trip! I went to the R&R Hall of fame last year; loved it!

Michelle said...

You look gorgeous! I love the hair!!!!! Sorry I haven't been around to visit in awhile, it looks like you had a blast on your trip! I hope the camping goes well, it's way too hot down here to camp now... Hugs.

Carleen said...

you look great!! sounds like a great trip!!

new*me said...

camping sounds fun!!! I love all the pictures :) You look so pretty!