Monday, July 14, 2008

Weigh in and Weekend Recap

Well I have returned from my 3 day weekend trip up 1.4! Not great, but not horrible either. Two causes: eating out for every meal and swelling. I actually did make pretty good choices for all meals, but did have a few indulgences here and there. Definitely not part of my routine and I have no desire to keep on eating like that (jumped back into things this morning and feel great), but I also enjoyed the allowances I made.

I also got a bad sunburn on my upper legs and they are extremely swollen. Now before you say, why didnt you use sunblock!?!? (after all, after the last bad burn it would seem obvious), but this bad burn actually happened in 20 min. My boyfriend and I walked outside and realized that we forgot the sunblock. He went back to the room for it, then somehow got locked out of the room, and by the time that he returned, I already had a bad burn developing. I really have no idea why I am having a reaction like this to the sun this year. Someone at work today mentioned that certain types of birth control cause a reaction to the sun, and I have to wonder. I was on one type for several years and never had a reaction, but last fall I switched to a new kind and this is the first summer I would have been on it. Normally I would never have an extreme burn in 20 min and swelling like this, but now it seems to happen every time. Scary and very uncomfortable.

Anyways, the trip was fantastic!! Friday my boyfriend and I drove up to the resort and then went into downtown Lake Geneva which has all these fun shops to visit. We walked along the shoreline and then ate dinner at a really good seafood restaurant (and hey, fish is pretty good for you!). We went swimming and hottubbing for most of the evening at the resort, which was fabulous by the way. Its set on its own lake and has several restaurants, coffee shops, game room, two pools, and lake activities. It would be really fun to visit in the winter as all the lodges are connected by glass walkways and have different areas along the way with fireplaces and reading areas.

Saturday the weather wasnt great so we went winetasting at this little fruit winery a few miles away. After that the weather was getting nicer, so we rented a waverunner and went out on the lake for an hour. It was so much fun! I got thrown off so many times, but it was a blast. Definitely one of the most fun things my boyfriend and I have done together. Then we just lounged around in the outdoor pool before heading off to dinner. We ate dinner at the cutest place we just found while driving around. We sat by this open window with the sun pouring in and ate the most unique food (they had a great menu). Later that night at the resort, we sat and watched the sunset, then went to this huge bonfire the resort had setup.

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to this fabulous breakfast restaurant in downtown Lake Geneva (which is probably where some of that 1.4 gain came from), walked around a bit, and then headed back home. It was a fun trip and Im sad to see it come and go, but I really enjoyed myself.

Heres a few pics!:

the harbor
My boyfriend



Cammy said...

What a lovely area! I'm so glad you had a nice time. Sorry about that sunburn though.

Michelle said...

So much to say! First, I think your gain is totally reasonable for a vacation. Most people gain 2-3 pounds I've seen. So, great job!

Second, you look adorable in that picture and your boyfriend is so cute!!

I'm glad you had a great time!!

Tori said...

1.4 isn't bad, you can get that off in no time.

The photos are lovely, looks like a nice trip.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

That's really nothing for a vacation! You've done great with your food choices and this small gain is hardly a problem for you.

Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great time.

Crystal said...

Those pics are great, looks like a great place to relax and sounds like you two had a wonderful time.

A little weight gain is not too bad. You know why it happened and you can get it back off again. That's too bad about the sunburn. I think you may have to wear a tube of sunscreen around your neck to make sure you have it at all times :)

Katy said...

Love the pics1 Looks like you had a great time!

Ceres said...

Wow, what a sunset :-) It looks like an amazing place, I'm glad you had a lovely time! The weight will come off in no-time, I get that sort of fluctuation without doing anything out of the ordinary. Too bad about the sunburn, though, I had no idea birth control could have this kind of side-effect!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Its sounds like you had an amazing time! Luv the pics!!

And you know what else is so awesome. I little weight gain does not freak you out or send you into a downward spin. You just jump right back on it, with the full knowledge that the weight will be gone, just as quickly as you put it on. You really have reached your goal both physically and mentally. =)

Big Girl said...

Sounds like you had a really lovely time. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it looks like a beautiful place.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Look at YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! So slim and BEEEEYOOOTIFUL!!! Gosh, girl, it must feel great to wear that sleeveless and look so cool. :)

Lovely sunset pic. Sunburns suck. Sorry 'bout that. :( But I bet you were gorgeous even all burned-y red.

The Princess

Manuela said...

Looks as though you had a beautiful time.

The sun definitely isn't your friend. I do hope the swelling goes down and that you'll be back under.

Laura N said...

Great pics. You look adorable.
Hope you get that sun burn stuff figured out!