Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What happened?!

So I just weighed in at 161.2....that is up 1.4 from Monday. What gives?

Crazy me..I was actually looking forward to weigh in, and then I see this. One would think I went hog wild after reaching my goal, but nope, still sticking to my plan. TOM is over and I really have no idea why I would be up that much. That is what I weighed like 2 weeks ago. I am hoping its a fluke.

I shouldnt freak out about this so much...just wait and see what it is on Friday. I am just scared that I was a little hasty in saying that I reached my goal. That the 159 was a fluke.

I hate the scale!


Holly said...

Don't stress! I'm sure it's just water... did you eat anything high in sodium today? Just chug some water and I'm sure you'll be back down on Friday :)

Ceres said...

Of course this is a fluke! The scale can go %&*# itself! If you've been eating right, this has got to be water retention. As far as I'm concerned, if I know I have been on track with my eating, I consider the lowest weight to be the most accurate! I'm sure that before long, the extra numbers on the scale will disappear... Just keep doing what you've been doing :-)

Poonie said...

It is a fluke, the usual "noise" or fluctuations. Don't worry too much about it. You know that if you keep doing what you're doing it will all be fine.

I also had a request that I didn't have time to put in a comment on your last post. Would you be up for posting a before and after pictures post? You may find it too horrible to post your before pictures but I think it would be so inspiring to your readers, and also a reminder for you in print of how far you've come and how well you've done. Something to think about?

Manuela said...

I'm the worst for saying this but IGNORE the scale. Just see how you are not for a few days but a few weeks. Let that be your maintenance.

It is probably water gain. You're doing great and HAVE reached goal!

MizFit said...

in all fear of being too suzy sunshine:

water retention and other factors.

keep moving forward.
looking forward.

dont let this throw you.

(and yes I delurked all for that not too exciting comment :))


Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain! I just did a post about the EXACT SAME thing!!

All I know is that scales LIE!! Thats my story & I'm sticking to it!

Seriously, I am sure you will be right back down next week. Don't sweat it...actually SWEAT alot! That will definitely get you back down. ;)

Mama Bear June said...

Oh yeah, scales suck big time! :-D We just need to remember that it's not all about the number on the scale. You are doing an awesome job, so don't get discouraged by the weird things our bodies do. Sending hugs your way!
Path to Health

Michelle said...

Wandered over from Mizfit's site. I wouldn't take back you reaching your goal. You reached it. And Congrats by the way! Now your weight will hover around that weight, up 1, down 2, up .5, down .4, etc. You are still at your goal. Just keep doing what you're doing because obviously it works!

Laura N said...

It will go back down. You know it takes a while for the scale to "settle" on a new low weight. You'll be back under goal in no time, sweetie. Hang in there!

sybil said...

I's a fluke and I hate the scale too.

That being said....CONGRATULATIONS! I was so tickled to read your entry about reaching your goal. Good on YOU! You are doing great.

Also, kudos on dealing with your grandmother. I had a very negative grandmother - who was always commenting about how fat I was and how beautiful and thin my cousins were. I really didn't like her much. Found out when she died that she used to harrass my cousins about how SMART I was and they always felt so stupid in comparison. What a whack job she was (the grandmother).

Anyway, chin up dear Heather. As I've said before, you are an inspiration to me!