Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 40

Well it is week 40 and Im UPPPP! Up 1.2 from last Friday. Not happy to start my 40th week like that. That is 26 more weeks than the original 24 that I was promised and Im still working at this!

I am guilty though, it is my own fault. I wrote on Saturday that I ate some things on Friday night I shouldnt have, and I know that I must pay the price. Definitely wasnt even worth it, to be honest. I had a great rest of the weekend though. I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his parents on Saturday to this jazz/piano bar place since they had a gift card, and had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and veggies (and one amazing pomegranate martini!). Then yesterday it was so nice outside and my boyfriend and I went on a 10 mile bike ride. It had been a while since we had gone, so we thought we would start out small and work our way up to our big rides again.

I really expected to be out of shape since we hadnt ridden in a while, and while I was tired towards the end, I was so surprised at how it really wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. Goes to show that now that I am no longer carrying 45 extra pounds on my body, I can actually do physical activities with less exersion. I no longer looked like a fat person on a little bike huffing and puffing away, rather a healthy individual enjoying a bike ride on a nice day. I know the exercise I have been doing on a weekly basis has helped as well. So while I was up on the scale, I feel pretty good about the bike ride and how I felt.

thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post. I know that I still have a lot to deal with in terms of body image. The weight may be coming off, but my mental image of myself hasnt quite caught up to the reality of what I look like. I plan to work on this when I get to the stabilization phase (which is when I hit my goal). Once I dont have to focus on weight loss so much, I can kind of focus on my thoughts and feelings about myself.


Holly said...

Don't worry about being up.. I'm sure you'll have it off (and then some) in no time. By the way, your bike ride sounds lovely! And so does the pomegranite drink!!

ashley said...

Remember weight fluctuates! It does. I can eat something bad Friday, weigh in high Saturday and be back to normal on Sunday. Crazy!

Are you planning on posting pictures of your progress?

Manuela said...

Ooh, pomegranate martinis! Have to try one of those some time.

Aren't you loving the bike rides? I've been on mine a few times now and will be out again today.

Sucks about the pound--so frustrating at times but you've come so far and look wonderful. You'll settle down soon enough.

Cammy said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful, especially the bike ride. You've accomplished a lot if you can ride 10 miles and ENJOY it. :)

MB said...

I'm going to have to dust off my bike and get out there. Sounds like you had fun and it is so much easier to exercise when it feels like play.

Don't worry about the fluctuations - you'll get there soon.

Trisaratops said...

I love pomegranate martinis as well! I think 10 miles is fabulous!That's very impressive. I doubt that you truly gained that much, you're probably retaining water in your muscles, and could be dehydrated from restaurant food - they could use more salt. You're doing so well!