Monday, May 12, 2008

Lack of creative title

Well I cant think of a very good title for this entry, but it doesnt matter. Nothing really new to report. I am up .2 but that is to be expected. I didnt overeat or anything yesterday, but I did have lasagna (with ground beef) yesterday at my boyfriend's grandmas house and that is a heavier starch. I skipped the garlic bread and dessert and just had a slice of lasagna and a big heap of salad, but I figured that I would be up a little regardless.

At this point I am just kind of..emotionless about where I am at. Its almost too much to hope for when I get on the scale I will see a loss. So when I see a gain or a maintan, I really dont feel too much.

when will I lose?!?!?!?


Cammy said...

You're going to think I'm crazy (or have it confirmed *G*), but I wonder if the stress of not losing is interfering with your efforts. I've read a couple of articles that indicate stress will cause you to gain weight, so maybe a little extra exercise or yoga or deep breathing will help? It won't hurt. :)

Fingers crossed for next week!

Bev said...

I know what it feels like to be stuck! When I looked back 2 months and saw I was at 173 then....only to gain:lose:gain: lose and be back at 173, its frustrating! So I understand....HOWEVER, I sure WISH I was just 3 pounds from my goal LOL. ;)

Holly said...

I'm wondering the same thing as Cammy about the stress. And what if you only weighed yourself once a week? You seem to be doing everything else that you should be doing... maybe you need to shake things up somehow?

Felicia said...

*BIG HUGS* Is there nothing worse than the stress of wanting to lose weight. "NOW DANG IT NOW" I so hear you on this. But it is happening. You just have to keep doing what you are doing. Maybe shake up your routine a bit and keep going for it. Some times the little changes make the biggest difference.


Crystal said...

Cammy may be on to something there. They say stress does increase our cortisol levels and can cause weight gain. I blame my job for my chunkiness, for instance :)

On another note, now I want some lasagna, sounds like a yummy meal.

sybil said...

You're singing my song Heather! I keep thinking it's a mind-block or emotional block with me. I'm trying very hard to focus on NSV's at the moment and just 'BE" with my current weight. Some days I'm more successful than others.

hang in there kiddo-

Bev said...

Hey Heather, just got your comment and hopping over here to tell you to read my next post lol. I'm so hungry and this "diet" didn't work for me, I'm off to eat some food and hopefully get over 1000 carbs today HA. =0

Bev said...

Oops...hahah, not 1000 carbs but 1000 CALORIES......haha. Wow a 1000 carbs would be a lot huh? lol

Mama Bear June said...

Yep, do some deep breathing, take a long, hot bath in candlelight, listening to soothing music. :-)
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