Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 20

Well at least for this checkin I can say I am down .4 from last week. Still sitting the same as I have been for almost the past week, but I guess it was good I was up last week so I could say I lost something this week!

On the positive side, I exercised 5 days this past week which is a new record for me. I wish I could say it did more for me on the scale, but its not like that exercise doesnt help me in other ways, and trust me, I do see that. Yesterday especially, I had no desire to exercise. in the past I would have just said screw it, but I knew if I did, it was setting me down the wrong path. a path I have been on before and I know where it leads.

I appreciate all the helpful advice too Ive gotten about being stuck. Im hoping at this point, TOM is playing a part, but if I dont see a change when its over in about a week, then I will have to do something low carb for a few days and see if I can shake up my system a bit. Im sure part of it is the stress of wanting to lose, but I have so much other stress in my life Im sure it just adds to the pile.

So Im hanging in here. You may have to listen to me whine about this until I see a nice loss or get to goal, but thats the truth of the matter. If I was one of those people have has cheat days or didnt exercise, or went off plan on the weekends then sure, I may have some things to work on. And Im not saying theres anything wrong with any of that. But for me, Ive done this right all along, no cheating or feeling bad about things I shouldnt have eaten. So when will that scale reward me for that!?


ashley said...

.4 is still something! And if I can throw in a subtle reminder about how it's not just weight- even when the weight loss stalls, you're still rocking in other departments. Those last few pounds will just have to catch up to your progress :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there - you are doing GREAT... I think the last little bit of weight is probably the hardest. You are doing so well, keep up the exercise and have FUN! You’ll be at your goal weight in no time.

Mama Bear June said...

Hope it rewards you soon - you deserve it!
Path to Health

Felicia said...

I think you are doing awesome! And check out all that exercising!! .4 adds up! At least its in the right direction right!!

Keep up the amazing work. YOU ARE DOING IT!!!


Thinking Thin said...

Grats on the 5 day workout, I am trying for that as well this week. I really think that your body gets comfortable when it gets to a certain point and doesn't budge. I mentioned on Monday that I didn't deserve a loss. I ate everything I shouldn't have and I lost 4lbs, go figure. Maybe you need to shake it up a bit more.

Laura N said...

Yay for 5 days of exercise! That's awesome!