Saturday, May 10, 2008


I had some internet problems last night and then I had to do online traffic school, so I am finally getting around to posting my weigh in.

Well I weighed in yesterday at 163.2 so at least I was down .6. Sad that is all that I have lost for the week, and I am still up from where I was like 2 weeks ago.

I can tell that not as many people enjoy reading me when I complain about things like that, but the reality is, this isnt easy. Im not happy, I am discouraged, and I am getting almost angry that I am not losing these last 3 pounds. Normally I am a pretty positive person, but in this case about my own weight, I am not feeling so positive. I know I get lots of comments about not measuring everything by the scale. Trust me, I dont. I havent gone through all of this to only believe the scale is what shows your progress. However Ive been working my butt off for over 40 weeks and to sit here when Im working hard and not seeing results isnt fun and it does make me angry. I just cant help that. I also know that while I certainly look better than I did 40 pounds ago, I still dont like how I look and sitting here not losing anymore weight isnt helping anything.

Ok the whine- fest is over. I just had to get that all out there. I know that this isnt supposed to be easy and that actually getting to my goal weight doesnt mean that this is over. Sometimes though, you just need to bitch it all out, because sometimes, this sucks!


Teale said...

Well, just keep doing what you're doing & trying hard... that's all we can do! You have come a long way:)

Lora said...

Okay - here's a thought (if those last 3 pounds are not letting go) try a lo-carb week. (I'm not a fan of lo-carb diets but they DO help kick start a plateau.) Ater the week - you may gain a bit of the water weight lost - back. But those 3 pounds should be gone!

(And go ahead and whine! We're women! That's what we do from time to time!)

Laura N said...

Thanks for your comment on my last post, Heather. At least we can commiserate! I didn't even get as close to goal as you are (my goal was 145, and eventually I'll get there) and got so frustrated and felt like such a failure that I decided to just stop at 155 and call it maintenance. That doesn't have to happen to you--I'm not implying that you need to stop where you are. I'm just saying, the last pounds are by far the hardest. It may take you a few months to lose 3 pounds, which I agree, stinking sucks. And it may not. They might be gone in a few weeks. Whatever the case, you just have to keep living right and doing what you're doing, and it will happen.

So hang in there. And bitch as much as you want. This is YOUR blog. It is about all you. And weight loss can be a real PITA that we all need to complain about.

(I think people in general are really busy right now, so maybe that's why it seems people aren't around as much. I've noticed it on my blog, too.)

Cammy said...

I enjoy reading your blog no matter what you're posting. :) I just feel so helpless sometimes, wishing I could *do* something, maybe wave my magic wand and make those last few pounds evaporate. LOL

My last remotely-successful attempt to lose weight (15 years ago) plateaued at 179. I couldn't get past that number no matter what I did, and that number eventually consumed me and I went the 'why bother?' route. I don't think that's going to happen to you, but the frustration I read reminds me of me, and that's why I encourage you to TRY to put the number out of your head. Knowing, of course, that I wouldn't be able to if I was in your shoes. :)

Hang in there!

MB said...

You should definitely write about how you feel and not worry about what people want to read. This is where you go to vent and bare your soul of how you truly feel so if you're happy or sad, frustrated or mad it is your reality and your blog friends will be here for you.

I'm sorry you are frustrated by the plataeu but I'm curious if losing those last few pounds will make all the difference. I would suggest hopping on another more forgiving scale so you can see the number you want to see. You are so close and 3 pounds is less than what my weight can fluctuate in a day.

You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Good luck in getting rid of those last few stubborn pounds.

Scale Junkie said...

You've come such a long way and I'm glad you've dropped that .6. Those last three pounds will go away but perhaps you need to mix things up a bit?

Don't worry about bitching here, this is your blog...honestly I don't get a lot of traffic on Thursday or Friday either so its probably not because of your honesty.

No matter what, you still rock!

40 by 40 said...

Whine away..I did it allllllllllllllllllll week...I want to be where you are so bad though..DOWN 40 and 3 away from goal!!It's all relative.
XO-fellow crab apple susie

Lyn said...

It's hard... don't give up. You have done amazingly well and when your body is ready it will drop those 3 pounds. I think a blog is a GREAT place to whine! LOL

Rooting for ya...

Crystal said...

Being on the weight plateau totally sucks, especially when you know you are working hard and you are sooo close, but you will get there so try not to be too discouraged.

Bev said...

Hey girl...great job on the loss and don't fret over 3 pounds, they will come off soon enough! ;) Try something new!

Mama Bear June said...

Believe me, I have those days (weeks, months!) too! Sometimes it DOES suck when we can't get past a certain point. Hang in there, sweetie. I know you'll get there.

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