Sunday, March 9, 2008

Take Off

So here is the Take Off that I was referring to in a previous entry. This is what LAWL used to recommend people who had hit a plateau. I did it once when I was at 193-194 for weeks and it did help me to break through the plateau and keep on moving. However, it was not a lot of fun and basically puts your body into starvation mode and you have to be real careful what you eat afterwards so that you dont gain from it.

This is what you do for 2 days:
-1/8 cantalope or orange 4 times a day
-2 LA Lites (energy bars)
- Two green vegetables (must be the same vegetable)
-6 oz cooked lean protein (must be same protein)

And that is it. You can see why its not fun. Especially since you have to choose the same protein and vegetable and cant have something different on the same day. Last time I did turkey and broccoli on day 1, and lettuce and tuna on day 2. Considering my work schedule, going on that little food would probably be kind of dangerous.

However there is also a "plateau breaker" that you can do as well. This may be more realistic for me:

Length of Time = 5 days

Eliminate the following from you menu plan: (same for all plans)
All condiments
All Fast and Frozen Foods

Limit higher fat, sodium, or carbohydrate foods such as:
Proteins such as Beef, Pork, Wild Game, Cottage Cheese
Seafood such as Crab, Salmon, Scallops, Swordfish, Tuna (Fresh)
Starches such as Baked Potato, Cereal, Ice Cream, Oatmeal, Pasta, Peas, Rice , Tortillas

Also increase water intake to 10 glasses per day for the first two days


Scale Junkie said...

The plateau breaker sounds like a reasonable plan. The other one sounds dangerous like you said, I hope you go with option 2!

Grumpy Chair said...

eeek! The take off plan would definitely work - but I'm afraid I would gain back any water loss the next day.