Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pilates Session 1

Well yesterday I did my first session of Pilates. Overall I really enjoyed it.

There were a few exercises that I could not really do or feel comfortable doing as a result of breaking my tailbone last year. Some of the positions called for balancing on you tailbone, or rocking back and forth on it and if anyone else has broke your tailbone, you know how it never really heals and is still painful to sit on.

I feel really sore today but it's a good sore as I know that I probably got some good benefits from doing it yesterday. I think I had expected it to be more similar to yoga and it really wasnt. I feel the most connection to yoga and will probably still do that as my primary exercise, however I definitely think I can see some good results doing Pilates as well.

The instructor on the video said that you can change your body in 30 sessions, so I am going to try and keep track of how many sessions I do and evaluate the differences in myself by the time I get there. I figure if I can do at least one session a week at a minium, in 30 weeks I should see some pretty drastic differences in myself.


Scale Junkie said...

Glad to hear you've found an exercise you enjoy. That really makes a difference when it comes to sticking with something.

In the sky, above the clouds said...

Yoga is my love as well!! But I found that Pilates is more of a strength type workout, and I feel for you and the tailbone! I didn't hurt mine but by the end of the hour mine hurts, I couldn't imagine what it would be like if it was sore on top of that!!
Keep it up if you can I do believe it works. :)

Cammy said...

Ouch! My tailbone sympathizes.

Kudos to you for exploring something new!

Chubby Chick said...

Oh... I'm sorry to hear about the pain in your tailbone! Just take it easy and do what you can. And if yoga seems like the better choice, go for it! :)

Grumpy Chair said...

My tailbone hurts just reading that you broke yours last year.

Which DVD are you doing?

Ready Maid said...

I must be living on another planet, because I haven't a clue what Pilates is. I guess I should cue up a YouTube example. On the other hand, I have friends who are Pilates addicts. As Scale Junkie said, once you find something you really like to do, you're more likely to stick with it.

Hang in there. You're getting close to your goal!!

Bev said...

I used to do Pilates a lot when I was at goal but haven't since then. I may start incorporating it in soon!

WTG on the workout! ; )

Hanlie said...

I love Pilates, although I don't think one can get the full benefit from a DVD. In a class they will work around your injuries and correct you as needed.

You're doing great!

Sybil said...

Good job on the pilates Heather. I'm still having a huge struggle getting 'into' yoga or pilates again. It really makes no sense, because when I finally do them, I love them. Maybe I'm just tired from doing so much other exercise. Maybe I'll just cut myself some slack and quit trying to convince myself to do the yoga/pilates for a week or two.

Glad your work schedule looks to be lightening up. You've been going all out for a long time!

And look out 160's.....can't wait to celebrate with you when you get there.

barbra brusk said...

pilates sessions are really really expensive here. i cannot afford that.
i did it for more than a month but don`t have money enough to go on.