Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jewelry party recap and confession time

Well I had a fun time at the jewelry party (Lia Sophia jewelry) last night. I got to my friends house though, and she was running so late. Her house was a mess from her 3 yr old child, and so I got to work (after probably the worst day I could have had at work) vacuuming and doing her dishes. Everyone started to arrive, and we had only 8 people show up. Because we had to cancel 3 weeks ago, I dont think many people could come again short notice. I think the jewelry lady was kind of mad because she had wanted us to guarantee 10 people.

My friend decieded she would let her husband go out (to meet my boyfriend actually for drinks), so she kept their child there, and then one of our guests brought her little girl. The two kids were screaming and running around, and I felt so bad for the jewelry lady. It was driving me insane! I am not really a kid person to begin with (and that is a personal choice, not everyone likes kids), and all I had wanted was a nice fun night with some girls sitting around drinking wine and trying on jewelry. However, it was not the case. The kids were little brats, and I shrunk off to the corner with a glass of wine. after my horrible day at work, TOM, and having little "me" time this weekend (have my boyfriends aunts 60th bday party tonight, Blackhawks hockey game tomorrow), I did not need to have an evening of screaming kids.

But it was nice to see some of my friends I havent seen in a while. My friend Kelly came who I went to undergrad with, and she said "oh you look so good" and gushed on about how I looked. My friend's mom came too and was saying the same thing, so I let myself enjoy the compliments.

However, yes, it is confession time. My friend made her infamous reuban dip and I had some. My friend is a chef, so you can imagine that anything she makes is good. Anyone who is familiar with such a dip knows that not a single ingredient in the dip has anything good for you. Corned beef, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, get the point. I didnt just have a few pieces either..I had a lot. One good thing if I can say that it is a good thing, is that I did not have dinner, the party was kind of my dinner, so its not as if I had dinner and then ate this, I ate it in place of dinner. However, I am disapointed in myself because I am guessing my stay in the 160s was brief and Im seeing the 170s as a result. Hopefully I can be back there on Monday.

Today is the birthday party as I mentioned, and trust me, after what I consumed last night, I definitely have no desire to snack and munch at the party. just give me some salad, some chicken, and water, and Ill be good to go. The hockey game Im a little more worried about because hockey games to me are the same as baseball games..sure the sport is what you go there for, but the food and alcohol are such a big part of it too. Normally my boyfriend and I sit there and drink beer the whole time, and eat pizza. Im guessing that wont happen this time, but I will need to find some healthy options at the stadium and that may be hard. I will do my very best, because damn it, I want to see the 160s!!


Trisaratops said...

I totally love kids, and that would drive me crazy too. Sometimes you just want adult time! Don't beat yourself up about the Reuben dip (yum, btw) - that is life. And you have a plan for tomorrow! And congratulations on seeing 169! If it doesn't happen Monday, I'm certain you'll be there later in the week. You're doing great!

Cammy said...

Peanuts are good arena food! Not low cal, but at least they have some nutritive value. :)

Have a great weekend!

Scale Junkie said...

You know there are a lot of steps to run up and down at the hockey arena's , you could just keep forgetting things and saying "I'll be right back" and then run up the steps a few times.

I always found that I couldn't really eat while watching hockey because we always had to be on the lookout for flying pucks

I hope the scale is kind to you!

Holly said...

Sorry last night was not the relaxing fun evening you were hoping for but hopefully you can squeeze in some "me" time sometime this weekend!

B said...

Ah don't worry about it at all! You've made it to the 160's once already, you'll be back there before you know it!

Grumpy Chair said...

Bummer about the kids being bratting. There are more days than I care to count where I can't stand being around my own children much less someone elses (only when they are hyped up and loud . . . and I feeling grumpy).

The corned beef might be why you had a small water gain today. I think it is considered pretty salty.