Monday, February 4, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

Well I am up .6 since Friday. Not really sure why I am because I did stick to plan yesterday at the superbowl party. I went and there really were not many healthy choices, but I think I did well. I ate beforehand, and then while I was there, I had half a beef sandwich, some carrots, and 1 glass of wine. Not bad considering all of the food that was there: tacos, dips, popcorn, chips and salsa, a keg, meatballs, and a whole dessert table complete with cupcakes and brownies,etc. So I did well and felt good about the decisions I made. Possibly the beef is what is making my weight go up because it takes longer to pass through the system, but I guess we will see where I am at on Wed. Regardless of the scale, I did well I think.

My social experiment didnt go so well in that I really thought now that I have lost weight, a lot of these people would be friendlier to me. But no, that didnt happen. Like 4 people out of 30 people (most of whom I know), said something to me. All of the other girls ignored me and I spent most of the time on the couch with my boyfriend. Not the most fun I have ever had. Especially not when we left to find another 5 inches (in addition to the 10 that had already hit us on Friday) of snow on the ground. Took me an hour to get home.

Today at work was ok...we had a company meeting where they addressed the situation that happened to me and the room was completely silent. The consensus is that I did something..but something that shouldnt have happened if our system was working properly. So its not really my fault in that what I was doing shouldnt have resulted in this occuring, however it is my project and my responsibility. The president of the company was PISSED. He made me feel like shit. At that point, I had a feeling I may be fired. Nothing yet, but I wont get too comfortable. Even though the girl in charge of project managers as well as the senior programmer all agree that its not something that I could have controlled at all. It just sucks to walk around the office with everyone knowing that this happened to me and just staring at me.

So overall my mood is still pretty depressed but Im hanging in there. A loss would have been nice to see, but its not the end of the world. I had a great NSV yesterday (which I will share tomorrow for the Healthy You Challenge) and Im feeling good about that. I guess you will have to wait and see what it is :)


Cammy said...

Pardon me, but your strength is showing. :) Good for you for controlling your eating at that party! And for hanging in there at work and facing the demons head on. Lots of folks would've just quit on the spot, but you're handling a difficult situation in a professional and dignified way. Amazing!

40 by 40 said... are gonna make us weight oops wait for your NSV?!? I guess I will have to use willpower and just wait. I am no great fan of the Superbowl party myself...if you don't like football..or the company that you are with..what is there to do? Eat?! Sorry it wasn't so great..Good job avoiding those desserts and various other temptations!!!!
I actually enjoyed the party I went to ..b/c it was a fun group and I hardly knew a game was on and there were fun people , so I didn't even focus on the food.
And more snow..I couldn't beleive it..but we had a short drive and I shoveled again..I like the snow (but I don't have a commute). Glad you were a little validated on it NOT BEING your FAULT! I hope it blows over :) Looking forward to your nsv..I will live vicariously through yours. Enjoy your evening.

Scale Junkie said...

Great job resisting all of that temptation at the SB party. Beef does take longer to digest and if it was deli roast beef its notoriously high in sodium.

I know this is probably stupid but at the beginning of last week, you mentioned a run in with a woman and you went to her boss. Then your project went wrong, she wouldn't have sabotaged you would she? Or does she have as much to lose? The only reason why I'm saying something is because its happened before at a company where I worked.

I'm really proud of you for being such a strong person both at the party and in that meeting.

Holly said...

Awww Heather I'm sorry to hear you've had it so rough the last week or so! But it sounds like food-wise you are doing really well. You're very strong!

Carleen said...

i think you should be ok....your a strong girl and everything will work job on the superbowl party--- however kinda a bummer to hear about the people there...

ohwell hears to a good week...

Merry said...

Would you mind if I just gave you a

I'm all for growth experiences, but you've had a lot of them thrown at you all at once. Frankly, if I worked for a company where a crucial workflow was entirely reliant on one person, I'd think the workflow was screwed up, not the person. Bad design.

Okay, forgive me, I'm talking about an area in which I am most certainly not an expert (i.e. project management). It's ironic though, because you come across as very positive and honest. I'm working 12-15 hour days right now because I'm on a project that's not at all well managed. The idea of working with a PM who's positive and honest... sigh.

Oh well, back to work. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

Mama Bear June said...

Oh, sweety. So sorry about the rough time at work.

As for the Superbowl idiots, sheesh. I wouldn't even give them a second thought. If I had a Superbowl party, you would have been welcome AND talked to no matter your size, color, religious preference or WHATEVER. What a bunch of immature goons. We shoulda had a cyber-party!

Sending major hugs your way.
Path to Health

Hanlie said...

Well done for keeping it together at the party! Can't wait to hear about your NSV.

Good luck with things at work!

Bev said...

Great for you making good choices and keep it up and you will see a loss soon! ; )

Anonymous said...

Well done for keeping away from temptation at the party!
I'm sorry to hear about your situation at work. You're a very strong woman you know. You're handling it very well!

Thinking Thin said...

Hang in there. Don't worry about those women. They are probably just jealous of you. Don't worry about the job either, it's just a job...bleh work is overrated :). Don't sweat the .6 lbs, it is probably just from salt. It will be gone soon enough.

Don't worry, be happy :) You are doing awesome!

Teale said...

Good job making smart choices at the party. This is just my impression, but it seems to me like you give your weight too much credit. Like if people are rude to you, you think they are being that way because of your weight, not just because they are rude people, plain and simple. And since you've lost weight, you thought that their opinions would change. Rude people are rude people, and sometimes it's hard to deal with that when we feel like they have no reason to be that way. You're better off without them!

Lidian said...

Oh heather, what a week. I'm so sorry you have so much stress, I know what that is like. And have been at that kind of party, too - been there, sat on the couch, etc. Those girls are the ones who missed out, their tough luck. You are such a great person. And the job stuff - ugh, I hope it resolves for you soon and you can move on. You are one strong lady that is for sure!

I'm thinking of you -

belly said...

wow. that is QUITE a lot of burdensome events to happen in rapid fire succession!

first, how much do you rock for staying the path and not veering off into a pile of junky food?

second, i think teale is on to something here... you are doing amazing work with your weight loss and i'm sure your successes are manifesting in some positive self confidence. i'm thinking that those gals are just rude bitches and always will be or they might be a little intimidated by your physical changes. changing one's body is HARD work and requires so much dedication. you've probably got hard work and dedication dripping off of your well-toned biceps:).

and the work thing... i was feeling uncomfortable just reading your tale... i can't even IMAGINE how it must have been to be in your shoes for that event.

what's that saying about it will kill us if it's too strong? oh, oh yeah... if it DOESN'T kill us it'll make us stronger...