Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well I am up over 2 pounds since Friday so I am not too thrilled at that...currently 177.6 and last week I was at 175.2. However, I know the culprit is gyros. I had gyros last night for dinner, and while a perfectly acceptable on plan meal, I know that the saltiness combined with TOM days away made for the 2 pound gain. At least I know this and so I feel indifferent about the gain. I used to get really freaked out whenever I would see a gain, but I really am starting to notice patterns in my body and know that certain foods do make me show a gain the next day on the scale.

The christmas party was an ok time. And yes, some may wonder why there is a xmas party in January. The reason my boyfriend's company does it in Jan vs Dec. is that most people are running around like crazy in December and have a lot of other commitments that they wait until the holiday rush is over, and then all get together. I actually think its kind of nice, and my company does the same thing as well. Anyways, for all I was hyped up and nervous about going and wearing the right thing, I went there and it wasnt even a big deal. I think I looked fine with what I ended up wearing, and most of the "pretty" girls didnt even come by and talk to me or my boyfriend. I was looking at one of the girls and she just had so much makeup on and was completely overdone and while she looked very pretty, I just said to myself, she is just a person too. She isnt anything special and I dont know why I torture myself before these things trying to impress someone like that. Either this is a sign that my self esteem is finally starting to improve, or that I really just dont care anymore. Either way, it was almost a sigh of relief. It was interesting that not as many people were as friendly to me this year. Last year everyone was talking to me and this year that didnt really happen. I wonder if to some of these women, I am now considered a "threat" because Im not hugely overweight anymore. Or like I had mentioned in another post, now people are not sure how to view me because I was always the "fat but nice" girlfriend and now I dont look like that person at all. But Im still nice!

Tonight there is a show on MTV about overweight people who like being overweight. Im pretty sure I will get pissed off at some point during this show, but I plan on watching it. It should be an interesting show to say the least.


Felicia said...

TOM can be so cruel. BUT at least you know that next weigh in you should be down *grin*. I avoid shows like the one one MTV as it just irritates the living out of me. Call me judgemental but there was NO WAY I could have ever liked being over weight (nor do I still like it). Everything is harder in all aspects of life. No thanks.. But then again that is my 2 cents on it.

Hope you have a SUPER week!

40 by 40 said...

How do you find these shows? I look forward to your insightful review! I am glad the party went well. Glad you aren't rattled by the scale.It fluctuates. Yea--I regret telling some about my blog..but live and learn. You are a very wise 25 year old! Have a good one! :)

Grumpy Chair said...

I too, am looking forward to what you thought about the tv show.

I think accepting monthly water retention gains is best. Better than getting upset about it when it is really out of our control.

Hanlie said...

I think you've come a long way. You are not phased by your body's cycle or the "pretty" girls. Life is about being the best you, not comparing yourself to others.

Scale Junkie said...

I love reading your posts. Gyros always leave me with water retention too. What a HUGE victory that you've learned that yes your scale will fluctuate and yes its normal.

The party sounds like fun, I like the idea of a January holiday party, I thought when I first read it that the party got postponed because of weather issues.

By the way, look in the mirror, you are the pretty girl. Actually you aren't just pretty you are beautiful too.

I missed the MTV show, but I'm curious to hear about it, I don't think I could watch it without screaming LIAR at the TV at the people who claim they like being overweight, especially if they are morbidly obese.

Maddds said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and visiting! It's great that you have learnt not to threat over our body fluxations, it will drive you crazy, my scale goes up and down consistantly depending upon how much sodium I intake, especially at night time!!

P.S. - You are absolutely a beautiful young girl and I'm positive those girls were watching their men at the party and thinking you might be a threat for sure!! You are doing fabulous on your journey!! Keep it up!


Trisaratops said...

Hooray for successful holiday party. My company does the same thing, so does my hubby's, we're going this weekend! Your 2 pounds will be off in no time.

I haven't heard about the MTV show - I would surely throw something at the TV, I think. And I was curious if anyone was going to watch Queen Sized - I found your comments interesting - now I don't have to watch. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your weight loss to date is very inspiring!!! Better luck next week!!!

*ccc* said...

Oh, can I just say I love the idea of having a Christmas party in January! Absolutely for the reasons you mentioned...the holidays are insane enough without those extra obligations. PLUS, who isn't a touch nostalgic for holiday fun once all the decorations are put away? (I know my house feels so empty right now even though that's what it looks like for 12 months of the year!)

As to your unfortunate gain--it does sound like water weight, which means it will come off. Keep us posted...and as a side note, I certainly think the reason you don't care about those girls or what they think anymore is because your self-confidence is improving.

You know you're doing something good for you. You know you're reaping the benefits. You KNOW you're looking good. Does wonders for a woman :)