Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looking Great in 2008 Week 21

wow I had a SHITTY day. sorry for those that dont like swear words, but those are the about the best words that I can type right now. normally I dont talk about work, but to make a long story short, a senior consultant (who is not my supervisor by the way) had been bossing me around all week, treating me like her slave. today it just got to the pt where it was getting ridiculous and interfering with my own work. then a coworker has me listen to a message that this consultant left on her voicemail about me, in which she called the data I was giving her "crappy", and that I wouldnt pick up my "friggin" phone. This coming from someone who is supposedly a professional. And here she is saying things to people who should not be involved, about things that are not true. I did not give her incorrect data, and I went to lunch. god forbid I left for lunch for an hour to celebrate a coworkers birthday. This too, on the one day in like months I have left my desk for lunch. So basically she needs to try to ruin my reputation and that really upsets me. I started to cry, which is something I have NEVER done at work. I went and told the person in charge of all the project managers, and I know she will take care of it. I guess when she heard the message, she was very upset that this consultant could talk like that.

so I did my best to not eat the chocolate cupcakes that sat around at work when I really wanted to. I am not in the best mood, but I can say that I am glad that after going out for lunch today, I maintained my weight since Monday. So that is definitely a good thing. Sure, a loss would have been better, but I was afraid after my lunch out, that I would be up. TOM also decided to show its face today (go figure, on the worst day ever) so I am sure that is contributing as well to the maintenance. at this pt, I dont care.

So I am sitting at 173.6 and that is down 2.4 since last Wed. Not too shabby. I managed to go out to lunch and make positive choices (spinach egg white omlette and strawberries). So that is at least one positive thing I can take from the day.


Mary said...

I am sorry you had such a bad day. I can't stand when people act stupid and talk about other people at work. It is the least professional thing you can do. I am so sorry you had to deal with that terrible consultant and all her crap. I am super glad you ignored those cupcakes and made good choices at lunch. Way to go!

Janet said...

I am amazed... If I were in that stressful of a situation, I probably would have caved and eaten the cupcakes (doesn't help that I've been craving frosting).

Good job, and I hope everything gets settled soon!

Trisaratops said...

Ugh - what a horrible day! I'm glad you stood up for yourself. And even more impressed that you ordered the egg white omelet. Nice job. I also enjoyed your previous post on moderation. THe light bulb has only recently clicked for me. But it is great to not be afraid of ordering a burger. :)

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on a great loss. Sorry about the crappy day. Good for you standing up for yourself.
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

That's a good loss - well done!
And well done for standing up for yourself and for addressing the situation right then and there.

Twix said...

Yikes! That is horrible what she is doing! With TOM and all of that I would have found it extremely difficult to ignore those chocolate cupcakes, lol! So to that congratulations!! You are making some awesome choices and progress!! I hope the situation at work resolves soon. Maybe the chick feels threatened by you somehow...who knows. People react in weird ways. Great for you for taking care of you! Awesome!!

janey said...

Well done for having the self belief to stand up for yourself. That woman sounds like a total bitch (sorry, but she really does). Talk about bullying in the workplace. And really well done for not turning to food for comfort, you are an inspiration to me.
Take care. x

Kathy said...

It has got to be so awful trying to work productively in that kind of environment...Cheers to you for not trying to eat away the bad feelings at lunch!

40 by 40 said...

Again..Heather stands strong! You are in control! I am sorry you had a bad day...You handled it really well though. There is no getting you down or breaking your spirit and that's great. Glad you took some time AWAY from the office. It's almost Friday!!! Stay strong!

Hanlie said...

I have seen similar situations at work and it always riles me! Some people have to make themselves look good by running down others.

Well done for handling it correctly. Don't worry about the crying, you're a girl, not a machine! I cry all the time! And I like it! And I used to be a successful career woman.

You are really doing great! Remember with TOM, you are probably not going to lose. It's normal and that is also probably why you're a little more emotional today. Just continue being kind to yourself! You're worth it!

Poonie said...

I'm sorry about the situation at work, that is crappy and unfair. But it sounds like she won't get away with it.

Good for you for being so good though, you should really pat yourself on the back for that.

*ccc* said... drama. Sometimes that feels like the worst kind! But good for you for sticking up for yourself, for passing up the chocolate on a crappy day (a major NSV, in my book!) and for your victory on the scale.

Look at you go!!

Scale Junkie said...

I just get so upset by people who think its ok to treat anyone else like that. How unprofessional to go to someone who wasn't your boss with a complaint about you...and worse yet, an unfounded complaint. I really hope the head of the project managers puts that pathetic bitch in her place.

I'm sure the hormones involved with TOM were the cause of your tears too.