Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Looking Great in 2008 Week #13

Well technically I gained since Monday (probably right about my upset stomach helping the loss!), but I am down 2.2 since last week so that is fantastic! I am really happy about this loss. However saddened in many other ways. If you have not read the post after this, then you should and you will know why I am sad.

I do want to focus on what I have done great this week and not my bad news. So what I did right this week was resist holiday temptations. Cookies have been brought in almost every day and I have resisted. On Mon I had to go out to lunch at work and we went to one of my favorite italian restaurants. Rather than having the fattening pasta I would have gotten previously, I had a delicious, fresh, salad and it was just as good. I made a good choice and the scale rewarded me.

In more ways than ever this weekly weigh in will help me continue on this weight loss and I will continue to use it to challenge me.


Mama Bear June said...

Heather, I'm so sorry this is happening. But all of those things at the center are TOOLS that you have used. They did not make you lose weight, YOU put in the hard work and made it happen. You've done great. I think it's OK to go through a grief process over the loss. And then you'll continue your good habits and continue to lose!
Path to Health

amma15 said...

and you probably didn't feel all bla after the salad like you would have with the pasta!

Congrats you're doing great!