Monday, December 17, 2007

First Weigh in at Home

Well my first weighin at home didnt go quite like I had hoped. I was up .4 since friday. Part of me wanted to blame the scale, as it didnt seem to get one reading of 180.6, it went back and forth from 180.4-180.6. But as the scale was accurate on Friday, I know that the scale is accurate.

I just cannot figure out why I am hovering at 180. In a week I have actually gained weight. I was 180.4 last Monday. I hope I am not at a plateau again. This is the worst time to be stuck at one, with xmas around the corner and LAWL closing. I wanted to see 179 so badly and Im disapointed im not there. For a week now I have wanted to see that number and I am always seeing 180.

Looking at my eating habits in a week, they have been spot on. The only thing I could think of is that I had steak on saturday night. while I ate it according to my plan, I know steak takes longer to digest and stays in your body longer. That is the only possible culprit. It was a damn tasty steak, so I just hope it was worth it! Otherwise I have been eating well, tried a new meal last week, Easy Chicken Parmesean (will post), and havent exercised much, but havent less than normal. I guess I will just keep sticking with it and see how things go on Wed (where I will weigh in at the LAWL center for the last time). If I am still going up, then I will start thinking about doing Take Off again like I did a while back when I was stuck between 193-194.

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