Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to face the music...and the 180s

Yes I am back and currently weigh 181.2 so that means I have gained 2 pounds. Could be worse. I honestly wasnt sure what to expect. Plus, TOM is days away.

Now dont get me wrong, I didnt overdo myself, but I definitely ate a lot of things that I shouldnt have. Namely xmas cookies, and soup. I havent had soup in the longest time and my mom made it one night and I definitely indulged. It was delicious, but probably not worth the 2 pounds. So yes, I am back in the 180s unfortunately.

I did have a wonderful time in PA seeing my family. However a few bad habits popped up. First, I didnt journal a single day that I was there. While I can certainly remember what I needed to be eating, I didnt write anything down and I know this did not help me at all. I also had a lot of "bites" of things, which probably led to much of this 2 pound gain. I also skimped on the water a lot of the days, and didnt always get in my 3 serv of fruits or 3 serv of vegetables.

However I did do a lot of things right, which was eat in moderation, and make the best choices I could under the circumstances. There were a few times when we were on the road to Penn State for my sister's graduation that I didnt really have a choice in where we would go to eat or what was available to me. But I still tried to do the best that I could with what was available and ate in moderation if nothing was.

A few non scale victories were first, when I was 179, I realized for the first time I actually weighed LESS than my drivers license said! That has not happened in a very very long time. I also had some pictures taken of me and was actually happy with the way that I looked in them. I didnt think I looked like a disgusting fat pig like I usually feel about myself this time of the year. I also went shopping and went into Express because my sister was looking at a pair of pants in there. I saw a cute shirt but thought, ok this is Express, I definitely wont fit in it. I grabbed a large and tried it on, and it fit and was adorable! I am glad I can start to buy things in nonplus size stores. For so long I have been limited in where I could go to shop that it feels nice to go into any store and know I can find a top. Pants we are still working on!

But in all reality, as much as I hate to see the 180s again, I know that to have gained 2 pounds is not the very worst, and I actually DID make it through the holidays without gaining much weight at all. This will be one of the first years in a while that I can say that. That I didnt fall into the trap I usually do every year that says "you can eat whatever you want, its the holidays". I gave in to some indulgences, but ignored most others that I didnt really want. I wont look back on these pictures and think I look disgusting.

I hope you all faired as well this holiday season!


Jan B said...

That's hard. I put on a lot over the holidays and I did journal every day except Christmas Day and tried to keep it on an even keel. For me, it's all fluid and an impending period. Don't sweat it, just take your time and hit your stride and things will turn around a lot faster than you'd think. I know it!

Krissie said...

Yay you for liking yourself in pictures! So many of us want to be there!

And big kudos for getting back into the swing of things!

Bev said...

Hey you are .2 less than me now hehe. I'm at 181.4.

2 pounds isn't that much and you will get that off in quick and be back to the 170's before you know it!!

Welcome back! =0