Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok I just spent 40 min typing out the 7 facts about me that I was tagged for...and the post is gone! NOOOOOOO!

Well here they are again, from what I remember (and you will probably think I am very strange after reading some of them!):

1. I have a tattoo on my lower back (see below). I got this tattoo when I graduated from college in 2004. I went out and partied with a lot of my friends the night before, threw up all night long and the morning on the way to the tattoo parlor, but it makes for a great story and a lot of memories. I got the butterfly to symbolize my transition from college to the "real" world, but now its kind of intersting because I feel that it also symbolizes what I am going through with my weight loss.

2. I dont like to eat the "ends" of things. Such as cheese, hotdogs, carrots, bread, etc. This is the part where you probably think I am wierd.

3. I once predicted a tornado! When I was younger, my parents took me to my grandmas to stay overnight. When they were leaving, I got the biggest sense of fear over me that something bad was going to happen. I felt like there was going to be a tornado. Everyone told me how silly that was, that it was sunny out and not windy, and no chance of a tornado predicted. I played all afternoon in the sun. However I woke that night to my grandpa running down the hall telling us to get in the basement. Yep, there was a tornado.

4. I was on the Bozo Show when I was younger. And I was selected to play the bozo buckets! I think that is also why I am deathly afraid of clowns!

5. I have drag raced! My boyfriend races his Ford Mustang and competes semi professionally in different events throughout the year. One year I went and raced my mustang (sold it this year). It was so much fun! It was very intense to be driving over 100 miles an hour with all eyes on you down a drag strip, but very empowering!

6. The jobs I had before I got a job in my career field: Kmart, Jewel (grocery store), Brewsters Beans (a coffee place at ISU), HR Assistant of Campus Dining Services (at ISU), the Avenue, Gymboree, Starbucks, and Coopers Hawk Winery and Restaurant (got to pour wine all day and was even on Tv when Check Please! did a piece on the winery).

7. I play the guitar and piano. I also sing. In high school my choir won state every year that I was in high school.

Ok Im not going to type out all 7 people that should do this. I did it and thats how my entry got deleted. So Im breaking the rules and...Teale and Mary, your tagged!


Scale Junkie said...

I loved your 7 things and I don't think you are weird! Hearing you say you don't eat the ends of things reminded me of one of my weird food things, I pick out the little white thing next to the yolk of an egg and throw it away before I scramble my eggs. I think we all have weird little things we do.

Mary said...

Yikes, I've been tagged? Looks around to see if there are other Marys in the neighborhood

I like your list too. Unique, not weird! (The difference is that unique is much more interesting.)

Teale said...

Along the lines of your not liking to eat the ends of things.... I have an aversion to drinking the last sip of a beverage!