Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Looking Great in 2008 Week #11

Well I missed last week's weigh in because I was on a plan to PA but I am here this week. I have lost .6 putting me at a solid 185. This week has been a slower week for me, having only lost .4 so far. Granted, any kind of loss after Thanksgiving is an accomplishment, I do however hope that this is just a fluke week and my steady weight loss continues. I hope I am not hitting a plateau again (and would seem weird after overeating some last weekend). In any case, I wont worry about it until next week and see how I am doing. TOM is also coming and I have felt bloated this week.

Accomplishments this week were of course, getting through Thanksgiving and the Cheesecake Factory. While I did eat some things I shouldnt have, I did do well and I think my loss of .2 afterwards shows that I obviously had some self control. I think I also did well being out of my element. I didnt have access to the foods I normally eat and I ate at strange times, etc. that kind of messed up my routine. But I think I did really well.

So lets hope for a good loss next week! I desperately want to be at 184 at least because that would mean I would be half way to my goal as well as at a weight that I havent broken past before.

I also think of it this way...any kind of loss during the holidays is a BIG achievement. Most people gain an average of 7 pounds during the holidays and to maintain your weight and even lose, is just incredible and I am certainly thankful I am still losing.


*ccc* said...

Hey--you are RIGHT on with what you said. Any loss--ANY ANY ANY--during this time is crazy.

Enjoy this one and all the successes still to come :)

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on your loss! Sounds like you are doing great. I get messed up when out of my element, too. When we were in Texas, I was totally off my schedule. Makes it hard. But I had fun playing with the dolphins. ;-)
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