Monday, November 26, 2007

Im Baaaack!

Yes I have returned, and .2 pounds lighter if you can believe it! I know I couldnt as I stepped on the scale after work.

I had a fabulous time with my family, although I did eat more than I should have just about every day I was there. Ironically, Thanksgiving was my best day! The only splurge I had was a bite of ice cream cake that was for my brother's birthday. Friday was a bit more difficult as we went to cheesecake factory. I actually chose a pretty good meal health wise (didnt taste as great as the fattening sun dried tomato chicken alfredo I used to get there), but did have some cheesecake. Come on, how can you NOT have cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?! Saturday was also ok until dinner. My mom made manicotti which is one of my favorites, but after eating heavier for the past 2 days I wasnt crazy about a heavy dinner. And I did have a piece of garlic bread that I really didnt need. And finally, yesterday I ate WAY too much. I had leftovers from Thanksgiving before I got on the plane, and when I arrived back here in Chicago, I had a deep fried giant pizza puff with my boyfriend. NOT GOOD!

So you can see why I would be shocked that I actually LOST some weight after all of this. I was really expecting to have gained several pounds. I did eat very well today and I can say after all of this, that I really dont like eating like that or feeling as full as I did every day. I didnt like the bloated tight-pants feeling at all. And I felt disapointed and disgusted with myself that I couldnt even stick to what I knew.

But I do know this, I definitely didnt go overboard and I did eat in moderation and I think that is important to remember. It was also difficult as my mom didnt have a lot of the foods I would have preferred to eat. For xmas Im going to have to tell her what I want so I can be more prepared. It was also hard because she makes a lot of my old favorite foods, like her egg casserole, and I dont have the heart sometimes to tell her that I dont want her to make those things for me because I know she likes to do that.

I was also slightly disapointed no one in my family said anything about how I looked. Vain, yes. But I was hoping for something. I havent seen my brother or sister since July and that was just about before I started LAWL, so I was thinking that it had to be noticeable. But I guess not. I will have to have a progress pic soon to compare any differences.

If anything, I think this quote pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving experience:
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly"

I did fail at some of what I know I should have done, but at the same time, I know what to do differently for xmas. I almost feel more prepared. And now that I remember how nasty I feel after eating so much, I can honestly say that I dont have any desire to eat like that again.

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and Ill be catching up soon on all of your blogs!


Mary said...

EXcellent! Good going, Heather! I think that even when you're not focused on the diet, you've developed such good habits that you can still lose weight. It's just as well that you don't live next door to a Cheesecake factory. I would find that extremely tricky myself.

Twix said...

There is something about having all the extra food around the holidays. It's like we know it's not going to be there forever. Se we eat and eat and eat. We fear the day when there isn't as much around. Or in my case this is what my problem is.

Love cheesecake! I would be a goner if I ever went to a place like that. :D

Janet said...

Congarats on the loss!

It's amazing how after doing this for a while it gets so engrained that "Oh, this is bad for me.... I shouldn't eat the slice of cheesecake (which, I agree, is IMPOSSIBLE at the Cheesecake Factory).." that we sometimes forget that it's ok to splurge in moderation... just as long as it's not every day.

Mama Bear June said...

Hey, Heather! Wow, with all of those goodies, having a loss is AWESOME! I'd have put on at least 5 pounds. Oh, wait. I DID! :-P Coming off, though.

Your attitude is awesome. We can definitely conquer the challenges of the holidays. ;-)

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Jan B said...

I know what you mean about being bummed when people don't notice. I went to see my gyn dr after a year and thought he would realize I had dropped a ton. But I had to point it out to him. I guess he sees a lot of people.